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Unfortunately, right now no broker offers 24/7 stock trading. However, there is a brokerage firm that provides 24/5 trading in select securities. Let's take a look at it.

24/5 Trading Broker

Just in case extended-hours trading isn’t good enough for you, TD Ameritrade has rolled out a new service: overnight trading. Here’s everything you need to know:

Overnight Trading at TD Ameritrade

With a TD Ameritrade account, you can now continue trading some securities following the normal after-hours trading session. In fact, you can trade 24 hours a day, 5 days a week. Even TD Ameritrade has to take a break once in a while, so there is a pause in trading from Friday at 8:00 pm, EST, until Sunday at 8:00 pm, when trading resumes.

This would be a good opportunity if you can’t be at your desk during the regular market session or the two extended-hours periods. Moreover, international customers might want to consider taking advantage of this opportunity if they live in a time zone on the opposite side of the globe.

Available Securities

The first issue we have to raise here is TD Ameritrade’s selection of investment vehicles that are eligible for overnight trading. It is a short list of ETFs. Here they are:

  • AGG
  • DIA
  • DOG
  • EEM
  • EWA
  • EFA
  • EWJ
  • FXI
  • GLD
  • IJH
  • IWM
  • PSQ
  • QQQ
  • RWM
  • SH
  • SLV
  • SPY
  • TLT
  • UNG
  • USO
  • VTI
  • XLF
  • XLE
  • XLK

As of now, there are no stocks on the list. This is a new service, so hopefully it will expand in the future.

Unfortunately, the ETF screener on TD Ameritrade’s website doesn’t have the ability to search exclusively for 24/5 ETFs. So you’ll need to use the ticker symbols above to do your own research.

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Placing Overnight Trades on TD Ameritrade’s Software

If you do decide to try this unique service, be aware that you can only place overnight trades on TD Ameritrade’s thinkorswim platforms. It is not possible to submit an overnight order on the broker’s website or regular mobile app. It is possible to submit an overnight order on the thinkorswim mobile app.

On either the desktop or mobile version of thinkorswim, a purple icon will appear on an ETF’s profile if it’s available for 24/5 trading. On the mobile app, there will be a circle with 24 in it. On the desktop platform, you will see the phrase EXTO Eligible in purple at the top of a graph.

Broker 24/5 Trading

When filling out an order ticket, be sure to select EXTO in the duration field. This will allow the order request to be filled during the overnight session. If you choose day, PM, AM, or some other selection, the order won’t be eligible for execution during the overnight session.

Also, be aware that there is an EXT option (without the O at the end). This duration choice is for regular extended-hours trading, not overnight trading. If you want your order to execute outside the pre-market or after-hours session, be sure to select EXTO.

TD Ameritrade 24/5 Trading


TD Ameritrade does not impose any surcharges on overnight trades, which means there are no commissions at all.

24/7 Trading Platform Judgment

TD Ameritrade has launched a great service for night owls who want to stay up really late and trade. With a commission schedule that can’t be beat, it may be too hard to pass up.

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$0 stock/ETF trades + transfer fee refund.

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