Charles Schwab and StreetSmart Edge after hours and pre market trading fees, broker surcharge, and extended hours time period. How to enter pre market and after market orders on Charles Schwab StreetSmart Edge .

Extended-Hours Trading at Schwab

If you want to trade stocks and exchange-traded funds before the market opens or after it closes, a Schwab account can definitely get the job done. Using the brokerage firm’s desktop platform, website, or mobile app, it’s possible to place a trade during either the pre-market period or after-hours session.

Extended-Hours Trading on StreetSmart Edge

On the desktop platform StreetSmart Edge, it’s really simple to do. Just open the trade ticket. Usually, it’s in the workspace by default. The order form always shows Level II quotes in color-coded lines, so it’s pretty easy to spot. If you can’t find it, click on Launch Tools in the upper-right menu of the program and select All In One Trade Ticket from the drop-down menu.

Pre market at StreetSmart Edge

Once you have the trade ticket pulled up, enter a ticker symbol and fill in the trade details, like buy or sell and quantity of shares. Extended-hours choices are under the Venue heading. Click here and you can select either After Hours or Pre Market. You can’t select both. Once a session ends, the order will be cancelled if it hasn’t been filled.

Schwab’s pre-market session runs from 7:00 am, EST, until 9:25 am (5 minutes before the opening bell). The broker’s after-hours period starts at 4:05 pm, EST (5 minutes after the closing bell), and ends at 8:00 in the evening.

Pre-Market and After-Hours on Schwab Webiste

Besides the desktop platform, Schwab customers can also use the brokerage firm’s website to place extended-hours trades. The site actually has two trade tickets, a regular one and an All-in-One ticket. Both are capable of submitting pre-market and after-hours trades. Before submitting a trade on the site, we had to accept an extended-hours agreement, although there was no application to fill out.

Not to be outdone by its website or desktop cousin, the browser platform StreetSmart Central can submit early-bird or late-night trades, too.

Pre-Market and After-Hours on Mobile App

Finally, there is the mobile app. This platform once again succeeds in delivering extended-hours capability. As with all other trading platforms Schwab offers, an extended-hours trade on the mobile app must be submitted as a limit order. A market order will not work!

Last, but certainly not least (well, scratch that, this platform is definitely least in our survey), is StreetSmart Mobile. The software is buggy, and the app is difficult to use, but it does once again have extended-hours capability. In the duration field, select PRE for the early-bird session and POST for the after-hours period.

Extended-Hours Trading at Webull

If you want more hours than Charles Schwab offers, you could open an account at rival firm Webull. Webull’s pre-market session runs from 4:00 am, EST, until the opening bell. By contrast, Charles Schwab’s early period starts 3 hours after Webull’s.

And Webull’s late-night period runs from the closing bell until 8:00 pm, 5 minutes longer than at Schwab.

To submit an order for extended hours on the Webull mobile app, you simply need to select the radio button for extended hours. If you’re trading on the desktop platform, just select Yes from the drop-down menu for extended hours on either the classic trade ticket or the horizontal order entry form.

Webull After Market Trading

On the Active Trade Ticket, extended-hours trading is not set by default. Instead, you need to add it in settings. On the title bar of the trade ticket, there is a settings menu (represented by three horizontal bars). Select this and add extended-hours trading in the settings.

Extended-hours orders at Webull have no surcharges, so the commission is the same that Charles Schwab StreetSmart Edge charges: $0.

Webull Overnight Crypto Trading

Remember that both Charles Schwab StreetSmart Edge and Webull offer cryptocurrency trading, and the crypto market is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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