Fidelity and Activetrader Pro after hours and pre market trading fees, broker surcharge, and extended hours time period. How to enter pre market and after market orders on Fidelity Activetrader Pro.

Extended-Hours Trading at Fidelity and Activetrader Pro

Trading and Investing at Fidelity comes with many benefits. Using any of the available platforms, you can buy and sell stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, and much more. Platform choices are Activetrader Pro, the mobile app, and the brokerage’s website. Of the many features offered, Fidelity’s extended hours trading provides some unique opportunities.

Keep reading to learn more about how to trade the extended hours markets on Fidelity’s Activetrader Pro, as well as the other available platforms.

Extended Hours Trading at Fidelity

Normal trading hours for the U.S. stock exchanges go from 9:30 a.m. EST to 4:00 p.m. EST. For many investors who are busy during those times, it can be difficult to take part in the markets in a meaningful way. Investors who can only trade the regular market hours are also limited in their ability to respond to news events that occur in the off-hours.

Here are a few notable details related to extended hours trading at Fidelity:

Unlike most other brokerages, you can trade options in the premarket session, as long as they are routed through CBOE.

OTC stocks that are not listed on an exchange are not offered during extended hours.

A specialized order ticket is needed for extended hours trading.

Extended Hours Trading Times

To help solve some of the problems that comes from time limitations, Fidelity provides access to the full extended hours trading session. The extended hours range from 7:00 a.m. EST to 9:28 a.m. EST in the pre-market, and from 4:00 p.m. EST to 8:00 p.m. EST for the aftermarket session.

All in all, traders at Fidelity have an additional 6.5 hours of trading time available. It's not terrible, but the best extended time period is 9.5 hours and it is available at Webull (learn more)


At Fidelity, you can trade the extended hours session on all the brokerage’s trading platforms. The desktop app known as Activetrader Pro is the most fully featured option. Activetrader Pro is geared towards experienced investors looking for advanced order entry, charting, and market data. Also available are the mobile app, and the Fidelity website.

Here’s how to place extended hours trades on the platforms available at Fidelity.

Activetrader Pro Extended Hours

To place an extended hours trade on Activetrader Pro, you cannot use the normal trade ticket. To access pre-market and aftermarket trading, you need to navigate to ‘Trades & Orders’, and select ‘Directed Trade & Extended Hours’ from the dropdown menu.

Activetrader Pro extended hours on browser platform

Once the extended hours order ticket opens, you can choose between a variety of options. One selection in particular is necessary for routing trades during extended hours, and that is ‘Day+’, located under TIF.

Activetrader Pro after hours on browser platform

Fidelity Website and Mobile App

The trade tickets on Fidelity’s website and mobile app provides the option to select extended hours trading from the ‘Trading Session’ menu on the trade tickets. The option to select extended hours is only visible during the pre-and post-market sessions, however.

Benefits of Trading in Extended Hours

There are many benefits to trading the extended hours sessions. Whether you are speculating on volatile stocks before the markets open, responding to global events, taking defensive measures in times of market downturns, trading earnings moves, or anything in between, having access to the markets before and after regular trading hours can be very helpful. Also useful is the fact that you can get positioned before most traders begin their day.

Considerations When Trading in Extended Hours

While there are certainly many benefits that come with extended hours trading, there are also some important considerations to take into account. There is generally much less volume in the markets during extended hours sessions, and that can lead to some increased risks (and opportunities).

For one thing, there are usually wider bid/ask spreads for securities trading in the off-hours. This can lead to prices that are less than ideal.

Only limit orders are allowed during extended hours trading. Placing limit orders during times of high volatility or low volume situations can lead to orders not getting filled. It is possible for price to jump right over a limit order.

One-directional trade is also common on stocks getting a lot of attention during pre-and post-market sessions. It is common for stocks to get a flood of either buy or sell orders from momentum traders. Getting stuck on the wrong side of a large price swing can be quite costly.

Activetrader Pro Extended Hours Trading Summary

At Fidelity, there are many good tools available for extended hours trading. One of the most versatile is Activetrader Pro, but the Fidelity website and mobile app are also good options. Among the reasons to choose Fidelity for your extended hours trading activity are? Pre-market options trading, full extended hours sessions, access to a large number of supported securities, and a full set of trading tools.

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