Webull after hours and pre market trading fees, broker surcharge, and extended hours time period. How to enter pre market and after market orders on Webull.

Extended-Hours Trading at Webull

If you’ve ever felt like the trading day is too short, you wouldn’t be alone. Many traders feel that by limiting their market involvement to the ‘regular cash session’ they are missing out on some important pre-market and aftermarket opportunities.

Webull offers both pre-market and afterhours trading, and the broker does not limit its extended hours sessions like many other brokerages do. If you are trading the extended hours sessions at Webull, you’ll always get to trade the entire session.

Webull Extended Hours Trading Times

The extended hours trading sessions offered at Webull are longer than most others that you’ll see. Most brokers begin their premarket trading at 7 a.m. EST, but Webull starts trading at 4 a.m. EST.

That means Webull traders get a premarket session that goes from 4 a.m. EST to 9:30 a.m. EST every trading day. For the aftermarket session, you can place trades from 4 p.m. EST to 8 p.m.

Together, the pre-and post-market trading at Webull adds an additional 9.5 hours to the trading day.

Order Types Available During Extended Hours

When you trade in the extended hours sessions at Webull, there are some limitations to the types of orders that you can place. These are not specific to Webull, however. All U.S. brokers follow the same rules regarding order types during extended hours trading.

In short, all orders placed in the market during the pre-and post-market hours must be limit orders. Market orders are not allowed due to the low-volume, high-volatility nature of the extended hours trading environment.

Bracket orders are not allowed during extended hours. You will notice that enabling ‘take profit’ and ‘stop loss’ orders when setting up a position will remove the extended hours activation option. You can place additional closing orders once a position is established, however.

Additionally, limit orders placed in the pre-market or post-market hours are only valid during the session in which they are placed.

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You can trade the extended hours sessions using any one of Webull’s platforms. You can use the browser-based option, the mobile app, or the desktop app. Here’s how to place extended hours trades on each platform.

Browser Platform

From the browser platform, the first thing that you will want to do is make sure that you can see the extended hours price action on the chart. To enable extended hours price information, locate ‘Ext.’ on the bottom right corner of the chart. Clicking it will turn it or off.

Webull extended hours on browser platform

Then, from the order ticket, you will want to enable extended hours trading.

Webull enable extended hours

Mobile App

To view extended hours on mobile, the process is a bit different.

First, from the charting screen, find the grid symbol on the bottom right.

Webull extended hours mobile app

With the menu open, locate the ‘Chart Toolbox’ menu. Then navigate to ‘Settings’.

Webull pre market trading

From there, locate ‘Including Extended Hours’.

Webull after hours trading

You will then be able to turn extended hours on and off, as well as modify how the additional trading times are represented on the chart.

Webull after hours trading

Webull after hours trading

Desktop Trading Software

From the desktop trading platform, activating the extended hours on the chart is the same as with the browser version.

Simply navigate to the lower right-hand corner and click ‘Ext.’.

Webull after hours desktop

Also familiar is the option to activate extended hours on the order ticket.

Webull after hours desktop

Webull Extended Hours Fees and Commissions

Trading at Webull during the regular and extended trading hours is always free. Webull never charges commissions for buying or selling securities or their related options contracts. The trading software is also free.

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Updated on 2/23/2022.