Can you sell ETFs and stocks short on Chase You Invest? Fees and requirements. Does Chase brokerage offer inverse ETFs and buying put options?

Can You Short Sell on Chase You Invest?

Chase You Invest doesn’t currently support short selling stocks and ETFs. As an alternative, we suggest another $0-commission broker, Webull, that does offer shorting stocks and much more.

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Foreign Stocks at Chase You Invest

If you’re interested in trading global stocks, you could open a brokerage account at Chase You Invest and secure some $0 commissions in the process. The brokerage firm offers a few ways to tap into the international stock market.

American Depository Receipts

An easy way to make an investment in a foreign company is to trade an ADR on the New York Stock Exchange. Technically speaking, ADRs are receipts, not stocks; but they trade just like stocks.

On You Invest’s site, we found Toyota Motor by typing in its ticker symbol (TM) in the search field. We found a profile with news articles, a basic chart, option chains (another way to make an investment), and a company profile. Chase’s site also displays some trading points, such as number of shares outstanding and short interest.

Unfortunately, You Invest’s stock screener doesn’t have the ability to search specifically for ADRs; but they are available. You just need to know the ticker symbol. We recommend using a third-party screener to acquire ADR ticker symbols.

Mutual Funds and ETFs with an International Emphasis

You Invest’s mutual fund and ETF screeners have the ability to search according to fund category. Within fund category, there are choices like Europe Stock and Foreign Large Value. We chose China Region and received 9 results.

Chase Foreign Investing

To find the screener, click on the “Investments” tab in the top menu and then select “Find investments” from the drop-down list. A lower menu will appear with selections for mutual funds, ETFs, and stocks. Clicking on any of these three choices will generate the broker’s appropriate screener.

In our search results, we found MCHFX, the Matthews China Fund. Chase’s profile for MCHFX shows Morningstar ratings. The fund has 4 stars out of 5 for overall performance. There are 48 total holdings in this fund, and they include some big names like Alibaba, Tencent, and Agricultural Bank of China. While these are important data points, we would like to see more information on fund profiles.

OTC and Penny Stocks

As with ADRs, Chase’s stock screener does not have the ability to search for OTC stocks. It does, however, have the ability to look for penny stocks on the major U.S. exchanges like the Nasdaq and the New York Stock Exchange.

We found CPHI, China Pharma Holdings, Inc. This stock is currently trading for just 24¢ per share. It does not pay a dividend, and its most recent earnings were negative. The short interest on the stock is 0.13%.

Direct Access to Foreign Markets

You Invest does not offer direct trading on global exchanges.


Not offering the ability to search for over-the-counter stocks is a major disadvantage because a lot of foreign securities trade in the OTC space. Ally Invest’s screener, by comparison, does have the ability to scan for OTC stocks. Even worse, You Invest officially says it does not permit trading in OTC investments; although we did find some OTC stocks using Chase’s search bar.


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