2024 Moomoo options spreads trading. Can I buy Straddle, Strangle, Vertical Butterfly, Condor, Iron Butterfly, and Iron Condor spreads on Moomoo?

Moomoo Options Spreads

Moomoo is a popular broker for trading options. With a wide range of built-in options strategies and the ability to create customized spreads, Moomoo seeks to offer flexibility and variety to traders.

Is Moomoo a good broker for trading options and options spreads? The short answer is yes, but please keep reading to learn in Moomoo is right for you.

Options Spreads at Moomoo

There are several options spreads available at Moomoo. Of the eleven built-in options strategies available at Moomoo, six are spreads. Investors can also create custom spreads (broken-wing butterflies, modified butterflies, scaling in and out, etc.).

Here are the built-in options spreads.

  • Iron Condor
  • Iron Butterfly
  • Collar
  • Long Straddle
  • Call Debit Spread
  • Put Horizontal Calendar

moomoo spreads

Building Custom Spreads on Moomoo

Building custom spreads is easy on Moomoo’s desktop trading platform and the app. However, before you can begin trading them, you must ensure that you have the appropriate options trading permissions enabled.

moomoo Custom Spreads

To build a custom spread, select the ‘custom’ option from the list of strategies and choose the strikes and expirations to create a custom spread.

Moomoo Spread Trading Permissions

Most of Moomoo’s spreads can be traded with Level 3 permission. However, if you want to create spreads with naked options or higher risk profiles, you will need Level 4.

You can easily apply for whichever options trading level suits your strategy best, but there are some account minimums to bear in mind. You must have at least $2000 in your account for Level 3 approval and $5000 for Level 4.

moomoo options permissions

Moomoo Tools for Options Spread Trading

Moomoo provides a range of tools for options spread trading, including a detailed options chain, strike width adjustment, advanced order ticket, and other features. Some of their favorite features include customizable options chains, unusual options activity, most active 0DTE options, flexible options strategies, insightful P/L analysis, options price calculator, and options volatility analysis.


Options trading can be quite complex, particularly when trading spreads. To help investors understand how options spreads work, Moomoo offers a comprehensive suite of educational resources. Topics covered include the anatomy of the most popular spreads, as well as how and when to use each type.

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Fees and Commissions

The broker doesn't charge platform fees or for Level II data. There are also no commissions on options, but there is a $0.65 per contract fee. There are also small regulatory and clearing fees charged on each transaction.

Moomoo Pros and Cons

As you can see, Moomoo is a good broker for options trading. Here are a few other reasons to consider trading at the popular broker.

Moomoo Pros

- No commissions, inactivity fees, or minimum deposits
- Paper trading available
- Access to market-leading research providers
- Access to global markets
- Free Level 2 quotes for stock, ETF, and options
- Up to 10 free stocks

Moomoo Cons

Some investment vehicles (like fixed-income securities and cryptocurrencies) are not currently supported

While feature-rich, Moomoo’s desktop trading platform feels unpolished

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