2023 Fidelity Active Trader Pro trading platform computer (PC, Mac), laptop, and mobile app minimum system requirements.

Active Trader Pro Platform Computer/App System Requirements

If you have a Fidelity account or are considering opening one you have probably at least heard of their Active Trader Pro trading software, which is considered one of the premier platforms available to traders today. Active Trader Pro’s cutting edge technology enables trading in stocks, ETFs, and options. It offers a whole suite of complementary tools, such as advanced charting and technical analysis, valuation tools, and real-time level II data, to help you build and monitor your positions. This article will go over the technical and system requirements for running this software on both your PC and mobile device.

Active Trader Pro Requirements for a PC or Mac

Active Trader Pro System Requirements

Active Trader Pro Cost Comparison

Fidelity Website/Trading Platform/Tools Review


Fidelity.com website is now much better designed, less cluttered, and more intuitive than it used to be. But some parts of it are still using old design and parts of it are missing navigation menu.

All Fidelity accounts, including cash management and retirement accounts, are accessible with a single login. Orders can be placed on the website for a variety of securities. There is a trade ticket, although it's not quite as advanced as TD Ameritrade's and Merrill Edge's.

The site has good screeners for ETFs, mutual funds, and stocks. A fixed-income screener searches for over 50,000 bonds. After selecting an individual product, placing the trade is straightforward using the broker's web page. Important information is displayed, including third-party prices and the current bid-ask spread.

The Fidelity website has better features than the app, as might be expected. This is true particularly for research. Charting on the website is also more advanced than what the mobile app offers.

Fidelity Review: Website

Active Trader Pro

Fidelity's most advanced trading system is Active Trader Pro. It is available via the web at ActiveTraderPro.com. It is also available as a desktop program, which the broker recommends. The platform has many useful features that active traders will enjoy, such as streaming market data. Charts are interactive and have event and pattern recognition. The platform can trade stocks, ETFs, and options.

Active Trader Pro has the ability to save as many as 50 orders and place them all at the same time using a multi-trade ticket. Conditional orders and triggers can also be used on the platform. Day trading and using unsettled funds are both possible with this program.

Fidelity requires certain minimums in order to use the platform. Customers must execute at least 36 trades per year. In comparison, TD Ameritrade has no frequent trader requirement for its advanced platform, and Merrill Edge requires 60 trades per year.

Mobile Trading

Fidelity clients can buy and sell securities on several devices. These include Android phones and tablets, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Windows Phone 8. The broker recently launched an application for Apple TV as well.

The mobile platform is intuitive. It takes just a few minutes to learn where everything is at and how to trade. The software has many valuable features. Of course, there is order placement: users can trade ETFs, stocks, options, and mutual funds. There is also position and balance information, market news, mobile check deposit, and funds transfer. Minimal research can also be conducted on a mobile device.

Charts can be displayed for ETFs and stocks. The chart is able to rotate if the phone or tablet is rotated. Candlesticks, bars, area, and line format can be used for the graph's display.

Fidelity Review: Mobile App

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