2022 TD Ameritrade TOS/Thinkorswim trading platform computer (PC, Mac), laptop, and mobile app minimum system requirements.

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Thinkorswim Platform Computer/App System Requirements

If you have a TD Ameritrade account or are considering opening one you have probably at least heard of their Thinkorswim trading software, which is considered one of the premier platforms available to traders today. Thinkorswim’s cutting edge technology enables trading in stocks, ETFs, options, futures, forex, and options on futures for 24 hours a day, five days a week. It offers a whole suite of complementary tools, such as advanced charting and technical analysis, valuation tools, and real-time level II data, to help you build and monitor your positions. This article will go over the technical and system requirements for running this software on both your PC and mobile device.

Average User vs. Power User

TD Ameritrade divides its Thinkorswim users into two general groups – average users and power users. A power user is considered to be a trader who watches multiple charts at once, uses custom scripting language, or performs complex technical analysis. Everyone else would be considered a general user. As you might imagine, the system requirements recommended to power users are more robust than what is merely required for an average user to run the software.

Basic Thinkorswim Requirements for a PC or Mac

The basic system requirements for the average trader with a PC to run Thinkorswim are a Windows 7 operating system (or 10.10+ for Mac users), Intel Core i3+ processor, four gigabytes of RAM, and 500 megabytes of hard drive space. In terms of graphics, your machine will need at a minimum 1280x768 resolution, an integrated graphics video card, and download speed of at least four megabytes per second. Ameritrade says you will need a broadband Internet connection (DSL, cable, or faster) in order to run Thinkorswim.

Thinkorswim System Requirements

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Recommended Thinkorswim Settings for Power Users for a PC or Mac

If you meet Ameritrade’s definition of a power user (i.e. viewing multiple charts at once or running advanced technical studies) they recommend your machine have more robust specs. They recommend a Windows 10 operating system (10.10.5 for Mac users), and Intel Core i7 processor, 16 gigabytes of RAM, and one gigabyte of free hard drive space. In terms of graphics, they recommend having a full high definition monitor with 1920x1080 resolution, a dedicated video card, and hardwired Ethernet with a download speed of at least 15 megabytes per second.

Mobile Apps Thinkorswim Requirements

When it comes to mobile trading, TD Ameritrade offers a couple options. They have their generic mobile app, which is mostly good for placing standard stock, options, and ETF trades and is available on Apple and Android devices. And then they have a more robust app called Mobile Trader, which is ideal for traders accustomed to using Thinkorswim on their computers. Mobile Trader is a better substitute for Thinkorswim when you are on the go because it offers the ability to create and execute more complex trades involving options (including the ability to implement rolling options strategies), futures, and forex. It also offers more advanced charting, with more than 300 technical indicators, and the ability to set market-sensitive push alerts. The mobile trader app also allows for around the clock trading of most ETFs Monday through Friday. Mobile Trader is also available on both Apple and Android devices.


In summary, Thinkorswim is a fantastic platform for beginner and advanced traders alike. Ameritrade clearly defines what requirements your computer will need to meet in order for you to make the most of this software, whether you are placing straightforward single-instrument trades or creating more complex orders than span multiple securities. Ameritrade also makes remote trading more comfortable by offering many of Thinkorswim’s best features in their mobile trader app.

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