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Chase Investment Products

1) Mutual Funds: the goal of a mutual fund is to diversify an investment portfolio. A fund is a financial instrument that pools its member’s capital to buy a diverse group of stocks or bonds. It can have high to low risk.

2) Annuities: are meant for someone looking for a steady stream of income when they retire. The type of annuity a person gets will depend on their age, goals and initial investment.

3) Stocks: are risky. If someone wants to include stocks into their investment portfolio they will need to be evaluated for their ability to handle the risk of a loss. For managed accounts, Chase advisors will ask a series of questions to determine if stocks are right for a client to own.

4) CD’s: Also known as a certificate of deposits, have specific fixed interest rate for a specified period of time. The CD is held until maturity. Once maturity is reached, the funds can be withdrawn together with the accrued interest.

5) Professionally Managed Accounts: are accounts with many different products designed to reduce risk and help meet an investment goal. Fees and expenses may be included in a managed account. At Chase, the minimum required to have this type of account is $50,000.

6) Money Markets: are savings accounts with a higher interest rate than a regular savings account, and usually higher deposits are required. In addition, money markets only allow a limited number of withdrawals from the account every month. This product is great for no risk savings and for people who want to earn interest on money they may need immediately for an emergency with no penalties for withdrawal.

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