Can I transfer an Etrade account, IRA, stocks, ETFs, assets, money to Firstrade brokerage in 2020.

How to Transfer an E*Trade Account to Firstrade

If you have an E*Trade investment account and you want to reduce the amount you’re spending every month in commissions, you could move your account to Firstrade, who offers zero-commission trading. Just follow our simple directions, and you’ll be at your new broker in no time.

First Step

Look at the possible expense of moving an account from E*Trade to Firstrade. E*Trade customers must pay $75 for a full transfer, or $25 for a partial move of assets. This lower fee is only assessed if the partial transfer reduces the account balance to less than $5,000. Currently, Firstrade has a promotion to reimburse any transfer fees, up to $200, for moving an account from another brokerage firm. The company’s advertisement says the promo expires at the end of the year.

Second Step

Sell any futures holdings. Firstrade doesn’t support futures trading; so if you have any futures contracts in your E*Trade account, you’ll need to sell those before starting the transfer.

Third Step

Open your new Firstrade account. The first step in starting the transfer process is to open a securities account with Firstrade. To do this, just click on the Firstrade's promotion offer: Get a transfer fee rebate. and click on the orange ‘Open an Account’ button. The name you enter on this account needs to be the same name listed on your E*Trade account. The two accounts also need to be of the same variety. For instance, they can both be Traditional IRA’s or individual accounts, but not one and the other.

Fourth Step

Fill out the ACAT transfer request on Firstrade’s site. To locate Firstrade’s ACAT form, click on the ‘My Accounts’ tab in the top menu, then select ‘Deposit/Transfer’ from the sub-menu. On the new page, you’ll have several asset movement options, such as cash transfer and bank profile setup. One tab says ‘Account Transfer.’ This is the one you want.

FirstTrade ACAT Transfer

When you click on this, you’ll be presented with both the full transfer system and the partial form. The full transfer is easier and simpler. Just fill in your E*Trade account number and name. It’s that easy. When E*Trade receives the request, it will close your account and move your investments to Firstrade.

FirstTrade ACAT Transfer

If you choose to do a partial transfer, you’ll need to complete a pdf form and send it back to Firstrade (internal upload is the easiest method). A partial transfer does not close your E*Trade account.


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