DEGIRO online brokerage account review. Discount stock broker fees, minimum requirements, pros and cons, trading commissions, rating, and promotions.

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DEGIRO Overview

DEGIRO is based in Amsterdam and has been in operation since 2013. If you trade in one of the 18 countries the broker operates in, DEGIRO probably doesn’t need much of an introduction.

Thanks to its low fees and ability to connect investors to exchanges worldwide, DEGIRO has become one of Europe’s most popular discount brokers. The broker currently serves over two million investors and continues to expand.

DEGIRO review

Opening a DEGIRO Account

Opening a DEGIRO brokerage account is fast, easy, and free. The entire process can be completed in minutes.

There are a few important things to consider when opening an account. For one thing, it is best to create an account within the country you live in. To open a new DEGIRO account, you must provide your address and employment information, a government ID number, and tax numbers. Additionally, you must supply your banking information for funding purposes.

It is helpful to point out that DEGIRO follows the KYC (Know Your Customer) guidelines very carefully and will not create an account for applicants who cannot be adequately identified. Therefore, when you start the process, it is wise to have your identity cards and documents with you.

Investors from the following countries can create a brokerage account at DEGIRO:

DEGIRO available Countries

Commissions and Fees

Commission and fees at DEGIRO are among the lowest in Europe.

Although DEGIRO’s fees are low, they can still impact the cost of investing. So, it is good to know what you are being charged for.

There are two main fees that investors are responsible for. You’ll pay commissions and handling fees for each of the securities you trade. How much you pay depends on factors like investment vehicle type, exchange, and fund type.

Notably, fees and commissions are charged as a flat fee instead of on a per share or contract basis.

Here is a summary of DEGIRO’s commissions and fees:

U.S.-listed Stocks - €2.00
Irish Stocks - €2.00
European Stocks - €3.90 (Poland, U.K., Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Turkiye, Austria, Denmark, Belgium, Finland, Italy, France, The Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Switzerland)
Global Stocks - €5.00 (Singapore, Japan, Australia, Hong Kong)
ETFs, ETCs, & ETNs - €2.00 (Global) and €3.90 (Tradegate)
Core Selection ETFs - €0
Options - €0.75
Futures - €0.75
Bonds - €2.00


In addition to commissions, a €1 handling fee applies to most of the securities on offer at DEGIRO. Some are exempt from handling fees, however. Core Selection ETFs, options and futures, and Tradegate transactions have no handling fee.

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Available Investment Opportunities

As you can see from the fee schedule, DEGIRO allows access to a huge list of security types and global exchanges.

Investors can trade stocks, ETFs, options futures, Forex, commodities, rights and warrants, funds, fixed-income products, indexes, and CFDs.

Most of the available securities are listed on DEGIRO’s list of over 50 exchanges spanning 30 countries. Whether you want to trade local securities or leverage the global marketplace, DEGIRO is one of the best brokers for access to the world’s financial markets.

Trading Tools and Technologies

DEGIRO provides its users with multiple ways to trade. There is a trading platform and a mobile app. Both are very similar in their usage characteristics and the tools and services they provide. The main difference is how the platforms’ elements organize themselves on the screen.

An interesting aspect of DEGIRO’s trading software is that it can be tailored to different needs. With tools like market overview and basic analysis for beginners, as well as real-time quotes, economic calendars, and watchlists for experienced investors, there is something for every type of trader.

Despite the simplicity of DEGIRO trading platforms, many helpful tools and services are present.

DEGIRO platforms review

Ease of Use

If you are looking for a broker that is easy to use, DEGIRO is a good choice.

Signing up is easy, and funding your brokerage account is also straightforward. Another aspect of DEGIRO’s model that makes things simpler for investors is the flat fee commission model. The cost of each transaction is always clear.

Trading on the desktop platform or mobile app is yet another thing that most investors find very easy. However, you may not always want simplicity when trading investment vehicles with more complexity than stocks and ETFs.

Awards and Accolades

For a broker as new as DEGIRO, the number of awards it has received is impressive. So far, the broker has brought home nearly 100 awards.

With awards like ‘Best Broker for Stock Trading’ (Broker Chooser UK), ‘Best Discount Broker’ (Broker Chooser UK), and ‘Best Broker for ETFs and Investment Funds’ (QualeBroker Italy), you can see what so many investors choose DEGIRO.

DEGIRO reviews


While no broker is without its faults, DEGIRO tries to keep them to a bare minimum. Still, there are a few cons to go along with all the pros.

- Low cost
- Fractional share investing
- Ease of use
- Global exchange access
- Wide selection of investment vehicles


- Trading platforms lack advanced features and tools
- Flat fee, trade-based commissions do not always benefit investors trading in small positions
- No paper trading
- Learning center focuses on beginner investors (mostly)

DEGIRO Review Summary & Recommendation

If you are looking for a single broker that can give you access to a global marketplace, DEGIRO is one of the best options available. If you want a broker that serves nearly 20 European countries and is very easy to use, DEGIRO (again) would be a good choice. Low trading costs and access to a wide selection of investment opportunities might also be on your list of preferences when deciding on a broker. If so, we would certainly recommend DEGIRO.

What DEGIRO is not is an institutional-style broker with professional-level trading tools. If your trading requires the use of advanced trading platform layouts, hotkey management, complex charting, backtesting capabilities, or anything similar, DEGIRO may be too ‘easy’ to be helpful.

That said, we believe that DEGIRO is well-suited to most retail investors.

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