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Morgan Stanley reviews, complaints, wealth management customer pros and cons. Morgan Stanley financial advisor investment account reviews. Is it a good investment company?

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Morgan Stanley Reviews

by carter,  2/2/2024

Pros:  nice to talk to

Cons:  never calls and recommends to change, its up to you .I lost quite a bit of money.

Review:  When I closed my account with MS to go to Vanguard, the MS person gave only one account number. I had three. Slowing the process. My MS financial advisor had nothing good to say about VanGuard. The company that I worked for, for many years had our 401K with VanGuard and everyone was happy with their performance.

by PCG,  1/18/2024

Pros:  None

Cons:  Transition from ETrade is a mess

Review:  I was an ETrade customer for over 20 years prior to their acquisition by MS. MS started making a mess by deciding the couldn’t track # shares to more than 3 decimals even though ETrade had used 5 decimals. To make matters worse they didn’t bother to transfer the cost basis for non covered shares originally purchased in my ETrade account so now the cost basis is wrong! Numerous attempts to correct this by sending detailed spreadsheets and brokerage statements over a 4 month period were ignored or met with empty promises. I wouldn’t trust these guys to manage my investments since they can’t even track things correctly. A spreadsheet one of their customer reps sent me was filled with errors. They can’t even copy numbers correctly.

by RD California,  8/21/2023

Pros:  Great with promises.

Cons:  Not accurate with critical and timely information.

Review:  This is not a good company. They have very poor customer service, are not truthful with all information, and very very poor with follow-up.

by With Held,  7/17/2023

Pros:  A study in greed and bullying

Cons:  Doesn't apply

Review:  My spouse recently started working for Morgan Stanley. They forced me to move all of my investments (not my spouses, mine) onto their platform by threatening my spouses employment. Is that even legal? I plan on contacting the office of the Attorney General of our state and asking about that. I don't dare file this complaint using my real name, you can imagine how that would end for my spouse. What a bunch of greedy shits.

by James Nichloss.,  6/26/2023

Pros:  They lie and fabricate everything

Cons:  They steal and compromise accounts. Missing funds and poor excuses for thousands of losses!!!!!

Review:  Horrible dishonest malicious company. Accounts neglected and and compromised. Please be careful with all cash should you find a way to trust. Don't sign any documents without an attorney present. Check with SEC and other government agencies about all information about this company.

by Peter Shapiro,  4/30/2023

Pros:  None

Cons:  No communication

Review:  April 2023
I had my account with a Morgan account agent in PA. Nothing ever done to communicate with me.. statements online only… never got a phone call from the agent . Terrible service from them , besides not interested in where I wanted investments. No talk about investment strategy … what a joke you turned out to be.

by AS,  4/20/2023

Pros:  Experienced,Smart,Fiduciary

Cons:  None

Review:  Pros: responsive, friendly, knowledgeable

Cons: Far Away

by Washington State Skier, 4/20/2023

Pros: Friendly,Knowledgeable, Responsive, Fiduciary relationship!

Cons: None

My experience has been different! MSSB customer since 2012

I get good service from the Ann Arbor MI Huron group. Earnings pay my monthly withdrawal, and pays the fees while growing. I stay on top of my portfolio so I know what's going on. If I have questions they get answered. When the market is down of course I lose too, but it's unrealized loses. I don't get too worried as long as it eventually turns around.
I'm in for the long haul.

by Pat Behrens,  1/25/2023



Review:  Liars, cheats, frauds. Awful.

by David Opas,  12/19/2022



Review:  Morgan Stanley is not managing one of its recent acquisitions, eTrade, in a reasonable manner. I have been fighting with eTrade for 9 months to make an RMD from an inherited IRA, and it appears that I will miss the 2022 deadline with negative tax consequences. According to web sites that I have visited, this is a widespread and growing problem. I urge everyone with this type of problem to complain to the Financial Consumer Protection Bureau as I have done.

by SRG,  9/21/2022

Pros:  None

Cons:  No advice, slow and no execution, only concerned about making commissions for themselves.

Review:  I'm not surprised to see Morgan Stanley has so many unhappy ex clients.
I was first sold a variable annuity and fixed annuity when I was a financially ignorant 28 year old. I've been told that's not good investment advice for a 28 year old. Morgan Stanley broker made a nice commission. These annuities also have high fees.
When my mom passed and left me some blue chip dividend paying stocks, I was advised to sell them and invest in Templeton World Fund with a 5.5% front load that has turned out to be a horrible investment over the decades I've held it. When I bought it in 1987 there were no no-load funds. Again, Morgan Stanley broker made nice commission, but I was screwed again.
Fast forward to early 2022, when I first contacted Morgan Stanley in Bellevue WA. to change allocations in my variable annuity due to being in a bubble with too much in high growth for someone my age. They finally got back to me months later, after the markets crashed and I lost over 200K and tried to get me to sell into a down market, which I didn't want to do. At that time I had unpleasant words with the broker, since I had been trying to get a hold of them when the markets were up and got no response until after markets crashed. I was asked to move my account to another brokerage because Morgan Stanley broker felt "threatened". They should feel threatened if they lose that kind of money for their other possibly unstable clients, due to being asleep at the switch and unresponsive.
Even I knew we were in a bubble and wanted to get out at the top, but they didn't get back to me until the markets crashed.
I also suspect some possible theft from my annuity, but can't prove it. I have SEC looking into it, but won't hold my breath.
I was also charged $150 per year service charge for bad advice and no service.
I would strongly recommend you don't do business with Morgan Stanley, after my experience with them. You can get better service with a low fee outfit like Vanguard. After Morgan Stanley made their commissions on me, I never heard from them for over 30 years. You would think they would at least check in with you once a year, but I guess they're too busy spending their commissions.

by Larry,  6/13/2022

Pros:  None

Cons:  Horrible performance and response

Review:  We have had our retirement with this firm since 2014. We are now back to where we started and can get no response from our "advisor". They don't even know how much we initially invested. We paid capital gains taxes last year even though our account was down 15%. The only answer was "We must have sold some mutual funds". Stay away from these guys. The only good thing I can say is they are better than UBS.

by Joey,  5/4/2022

Pros:  I had to give them a 1 instead of 0

Cons:  Slow, Can't fulfill claimed expectations

Review:  Stay Away!! They are horrible. I have stock Tesla that I was going to borrow against. They tell you 2 to 3 business days, but don't seem to know why after day 4 they haven't heard anything. I ended up transferring back to e-trade. They wanted to charge me $150 a year for account fees and financial advice and even though I never spent a week with them, they slow played enough that cost me $5,400. They were nice enough to waiver transfer fees to send back to e-trade after I lost a shipment order. Thanks! If your financial advice cost me $5,400 in less then a week, then I'll pass.

If they say the sky is blue, you'd better go check.

by Baffled,  4/30/2022

Pros:  None unless you like slow response times and NON-Fiduciary service.

Cons:  Many!

Review:  I am a Real Estate Broker in Florida. My client was told by his Morgan Stanley representative that He would receive his inherited funds within 30 days or less. Hence My Client made an offer on a home with a large $125,000 deposit. Morgan Stanley has been extremely slow to respond and the release of the funds has been tied up in Morgan Stanley red tape which exists for 2 reasons, one to further limit Morgan Stanley's liability and to slow the process of the release of the funds so they can hold onto it longer and glean further profits. Morgan Stanley has not acted as a Fiduciary for there client or mine. Not trustworthy.

by Infuriated,  2/15/2022

Pros:  None

Cons:  Rude, Incompetent & Couldn't be bothered...

Review:  The most incompetent and rude brokers I have ever come across. I have dealt with brokers that are far more knowledgeable, professional and show more care, and they happen to trade at the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (supposedly a 3rd world country). I know appalling customer service when I come across it because I have received exceptional customer service before. If appalling was an organization, Morgan Stanley would be it.

Dealt with Hohaiou who yelled at me and slammed the phone in my ear, because I was stern and expressed my utter disappointment. She knew there would be no repercussions hence she could address me anyhow. I had an "out of body experience", but then again, there will be many of those firsts when you deal with Morgan Stanley, anything goes! Useless bunch of people. Even their management does nothing about escalations! Choose Morgan Stanley at your own peril, and see your money dwindle while they fail to sort out your login details for their trading platform. Thanks for NOTHING Morgan Stanley!

by Stan,  2/7/2022

Pros:  None

Cons:  Incompetent, don’t care about their customers

Review:  I have to have a Morgan Stanley account for my Google employee stock plan, no other options. Over the 3 months with them so far, I had to call them about 15 times just to be able to have access to my funds, spent over 20 hours on the phone listening to their instructions on how to fill out the forms and then they would reject the forms filled out exactly as they said, again and again. They also opened an account for me that I never asked for. Also, they make non-US residents with a current US address submit tax forms as US persons, which is contrary to IRS regulations. Definitely the worst broker I’ve ever had. If you have a choice, save yourself the aggravation and stay away!

by JOYA COMEAUX,  12/16/2021

Pros:  none

Cons:  waiting on the phone for hours trying to make a trade

Review:  Watching my investment dwindle for days while I hold on the phone trying to make trade. Ridiculous old fashioned brokerage.

by Anonymous,  12/1/2021

Pros:  None

Cons:  At least one in Milwaukee office is a narcissist

Review:  Deceitful and manipulative and not looking out for you.

by Evan,  9/14/2021

Pros:  None

Cons:  Incapable idiots like Adam Jonas calling themselves analysts

Review:  Poster boy Adam Jonas is a great ape in a suit. How in today's world does this idiot still have a job in an investment bank? He is the prime example of how horribly wrong things are at Morgan Stanley, and why no one should do business with them and listen to anything they have to say. This is the guy that used to say Tesla is a $10 stock. All the people who stayed on the sidelines should take note, that once Tesla hit $900, he changed his tune and raised his estimate to $900. Not just this jerk, but all the idiots at this firm, seem to be able to very easily pull these numbers out of their wazu. Just today, they said the US markets are going to go down 10% because that is what usually happens every year - no analysis, no logic, no thought! Then there is their rating on LUCID - calling it a $12 stock. I have a feeling these morons are not invited to Casa Grande for the in person look at LUCID's factory, their technology and their cars - rightfully so! Calling this guy and the rest of the company great apes is an insult to the great apes, because they are way more intelligent than these idiots.
Buyer beware - Any idiot can throw a suit on, come on CNBC and say what they want. If you are going to be a savvy investor, do your own homework and stop listening to these imbecil's.

by Michael,  8/29/2021

Pros:  Na

Cons:  Lack of acumen beyond institutional research recitation

Review:  Mark Monroe is a charlatan wanna be options trader who can’t even properly interpret his own proprietary research. Not sure how people can be allowed to suggest high fee spread trades they can’t fully explain. I can’t tell you how many clients he talked about behind their backs. If you’re gonna piss away fees, I suggest doing it somewhere else

by AS,  8/6/2021

Pros:  responsive, friendly, knowledgeable

Cons:  Far Away

Review:  by Washington State Skier, 1/9/2020

Pros: Friendly,Knowledgeable, Responsive, Fiduciary relationship!

Cons: None

I get good service from the Ann Arbor MI Huron group. Earnings pay my monthly withdrawal, and pays the fees while growing. I stay on top of my portfolio so I know what's going on. If I have questions they get answered. When the market is down of course I lose too, but it's unrealized loses. I don't get too worried as long as it eventually turns around.
I'm in for the long haul.

by Lola G,  6/11/2021

Pros:  NONE

Cons:  rude and incompetence

Review:  If you are looking for an effective way to flush your money down the toilet this is the place to do it. Good luck dealing with some of these folks because you are not in the best of hands.

by Ron bursten,  5/20/2021

Pros:  Polite and very open.

Cons:  Compromised accounts with questionable motives.

Review:  Anything you have heard about this group having your best interests is false. Had saving and equit collapsed by these people. Possible theft is also a suspicion that happened. The office in dallas in the university park area is a nightmare to have dealt with. Mary or Maria Nicholas and that office should be audited for misconduct and compromised issues with capital. Choose wisely and read up on all options. Don't be ignorant like me and have them lose over 80 thousand of my cash. Thank you.

by Rex hervy,  5/13/2021

Pros:  Friendly and sincere at first.

Cons:  Deception,Arrogance,Fabrication,Rudeness.

Review:  Very friendly in the beginning like family. Appearances can be misleading and malicious. Porfolio was decimated by them and ignored. Tried to make changes due to ignorance on the brokers part but she and her staff ignored or had arrogant unfriendly behavior. Was a nightmare after they NEGLIGENTLY lost 60% of my life savings. Horrible people who should be not allowed to be money managers or brokers. You would be better off putting your cash under a shed or bed. Beware of these offices especially in dallas.

by David,  12/9/2020

Pros:  None

Cons:  Professional scam artists

Review:  This morning we had a Morgan Stanley employee call our home and identify himself as an employee of Mutual of Omaha insurance, wanting to readjust our Medicare and Medicaid policies. As weird as that sounds. His number was easily traceable back to the Morgan Stanley offices in Saint Louis. I asked him only a few questions and then asked him to not call again. At this point he got audibly upset and began making insulting comments. These salesmen are the worst people on earth. No wonder Morgan Stanley has such a bad reputation, and this time of year their sales associates are desperate to earn some holiday pay, even at the expense of retirees living on social security income. Lowlifes

by John Meek,  11/13/2020

Pros:  Well earned one star.

Cons:  Inefficient

Review:  Two weeks to divided an IRA into two inherted IRAs.
Billed an annual maintenance fee for 3 weeks.
Transfer fee billed 14 days before funds moved to Vanquard. They really try to hold onto your money, it seems.
Customer service cannot accomplish anything without clearing it thru the backroom.

by William Lynch,  10/14/2020

Pros:  None

Cons:  Absurd website sign on.

Review:  I have called them multiple times and they still can not add me as a Third Party Manager for my wife's account. It is their program and they can not make it work! In fact, after over thirty years of marriage, they still show my wife as singe, with no provision, or interest on their part, to change it. This is a modest account, yet Morgan Stanley gives me more trouble than any of my high dollar accounts. I keep telling my wife to liquidate this account and invest with any other financial institution. In my humble opinion, stay away from Morgan Stanley!

by E.d.,  10/5/2020

Pros:  Nice

Cons:  Lack of knowldge

Review:  I inherited several ira accounts when my father passed away. I have never had experience with investing outside of my 401k and was told repeatedly that the accounts could be closed without much tax implications as they were inherited. I asked for examples on how to make withdrawals to minimize taxes and again was repeatedly told that there were little gains on the accounts and taxes would be nominal. So I closed the accounts with this understanding...only after closing the accounts were they now telling me that the full amount would be taxable. I lost a lot of that investment because if thier incompetence and misguided communication and will never use them in the future.

by John Hall,  9/14/2020

Pros:  Not obvious that they are crooks

Cons:  Incompetent and provide incorrect information

Review:  My parents had accounts with the Lee Cory group (Alexandria VA) that one of the Morgan Stanley wealth management teams. My father died in May of 2017 and my mother was 97 at that time. She also died in 2017.

We made the trip from Nokesville where my mother lived to Alexandria to ensure all the prior joint accounts mom and dad owned were consolidated into a single, Transfer on Death account to simplify the finances. We discussed the desire to have transfers be smooth and painless as the last thing one wants to have to deal with is money when you are grieving and dealing with all the other responsibilities involved.

We were assured that everything was taken care of and nothing to worry about.

Well, here it is almost 3 years after my mother's death and we are STILL trying to get them to finally close out the accounts and transfer the remaining (trivial) amount of funds to the specified accounts.

This seems to be more due to incompetence and lack of caring more than taking large sums of money. I recently (maybe 6 weeks to 2 months ago) one of my sisters and I spoke with one of their representatives who assured us he would have everything resolved in a couple of weeks. About 2 weeks ago I spoke with someone else who was now managing the wrap up work. I was assured that she would have the funds transferred out of my mom's account into the temp accounts they setup for the division of the assets and then transfer to the end accounts. The one thing she kept talking about was getting some authorization to make a change of address on my mothers account.

Well now I know why. Instead of sending the statement to that address they are now sending them to me. They have not transferred anything I can see out of my mothers account, so it can finally be closed.

They did however see fit to deduct $100 of the $169.95 that was the 2020 year beginning value. What the deduction was for is not clear -- it was NOT a transfer to any of the children.

I suspect this is one of the games the less than ethical play to take small amounts of money and hope no one notices. There was no reason these accounts were not closed by mid-2018 so there never should have been any money to impose some fee on in 2020.

Perhaps a report to FINRA is in order.

My advice to anyone whose parents have accounts with either Lee Cory or MS and expect to inherit: Have you parents move the account somewhere else before they die.

by Dman,  8/5/2020

Pros:  Deceitful,Dishonest behavior.

Cons:  Ethics,dishonesty and absolutely misleading.

Review:  Data breach happened 4 years ago! Just was notified a week ago. Is this the firm you want to trust? They lie deceive and most likely steal and commit fraud against investors. SPECIFICALLY the PRESTON PLAZA DALLAS OFFICE!

by Paul,  7/28/2020

Pros:  None

Cons:  Incompetent and Untrustworthy

Review:  I got a letter in the mail in July of 2020 from Morgan Stanley that stated that they had decomissioned an old data center in 2016 and that my personal account data had been turned over to a third party because they neglected to delete the UNENCRYPTED personal account data (ssn, dob, name, address, etc.) when the hardware was recycled. I had an account that I with another firm that I had closed back in 2000 from a company that Morgan Stanley had acquired afterwards. For unknown reasons they kept my personal data despite the fact that I had no relationship with them and allowed it to be given away through their incompetence. If they can't protect your personal data, a core requirement of any financial institution, how can you trust them???

by Anonymous,  7/13/2020

Pros:  Easily access multiple accounts at once.

Cons:  Everything asides for the single pro above.

Review:  I have been using Morgan Stanley as a broker for my RSU's. I had no issues up until 2 months ago when I had opted for cash back on my RSU. The money slip appeared in my payroll with no money attached to it asides for a virtual slip noting that it had gone through. After multiple phone calls I still have not received my money. The date of occurrence was May 23, 2020. It is not July 13th & I had just received confirmation, for a third time, that I would receive my money within two days into an account I did not originally register for the money to go into to begin with. I am not going to hold my breath & escalate this issue in order to get a resolve. Do not use this broker unless you want to deal with uncertainty & lack of trust.

by Kevin O'Connor,  6/25/2020

Pros:  Received an apologetic call after six weeks.

Cons:  Customer service reps lacking in authority and knowledge.

Review:  I purchased shares through an employer sponsored stock purchase program. Years later, I am attempting to move the shares to another broker. Morgan Stanley offers no assistance, and offered their first unresponsive contact after six weeks. For all of you with complaints, go online to the Security and Exchange Commission (SEC) and file a file an "Investor Complaint Form". You can do the same with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). Reading the prior complaints, it would appear Morgan Stanley is not offering any customer service after accepting your investment.

by njgfeyvvf,  6/24/2020


Cons:  Not as good as other wealth apps

Review:  Compared to Wealthfront or Personal Capital this app and the desktop site for my account are very poor. I love my agent and the overall customer service, but Morgan Stanley is way behind in the design and ease of use of their app and website. The app and site feel 10 years old and antiquated. At times the app experience is confusing and complicated. Now that I have been using it for a month I have gotten used to it, but other apps I have used in the past are more elegant and nice experiences than this one.

by Reluctant Investor,  5/23/2020

Pros:  3rd broker (Ripley, W. Virginia) was honest and intelligent. If I won PCH, I would call him.

Cons:  (Columbus, Ohio & Brea, Calif) No fiduciary responsibility to client. Shady? Dishonest? Could get the same treatment at the used car lot.

Review:  First encounter: I was one of the beneficiaries of a living trust (grandfather). They did not give me any accounting or money or evidence of why. I would like to have known what stocks he bought and when and why he did. Second encounter: Inheritance (mother) Columbus, Ohio: They had me sign a paper, and I stated, "only if I get a copy". Once signed, the other man witnessed and notarized and then left and the first man refused to give me a copy. I called and called, but he would not talk to me or send it. Several weeks later, he sent me the original, to initial what he ADDED. He had added a number of things, which I hadn't agreed to and he asked me to initial and return the ORIGINAL to him. They deleted my middle name and changed every single thing I had answered. As I have a common last name, I believe one man was trying to set me up for identity theft. (The other man seemed fine.) Everything I told him was ignored, and he did not open my account, but waited until after the corona virus tanked the market and then opened my account, although allowing the congressmen to cash in theirs. Told him to use PO box only (privacy) and he sent everything to the house. He would not give me my account number as "it is a secret" and when he did, it was incorrect. I KEPT THE ORIGINAL PAPER he asked me to initial and switched my account to the second broker. who was just as bad (Brea, California) I asked them to correct the errors that the first had plastered about me over the internet and credit bureaus, but they did not. Again, many things were wrong. I was incorrectly told there was no interest, so took out $16,000 to receive .02 interest the next day on the $200. I left in there. i told them not to buy or sell anything and he actually said he could empty out both my checking accounts and buy and sell whatever he wanted. In changing to another company, they assessed multiple fees without advising me and overdrew my brokerage account cash. When calling the head office, they said I had to talk to the manager, but would not give me the name of who that was. BAD BAD BAD. Almost everything both brokers (Ohio and California) did was WRONG. Dividends came in and then amounts were deducted, and both entries deleted, indicating a small dividend, instead of original real dividend and no mention of where the money was going. I do not know anything about stock, but it appears to me to be theft but I don't know for sure.. I interviewed a 3rd broker (Point Pleasant, WV) and he said "Details of a living trust cannot be altered." "He only makes money by buying and selling." "He suggested I would be happier at Schwab." Although I did not switch to the third one, these were true statements that I was unaware of. I felt the 3rd man was smart and honest, but all I wanted was to get my account safely away from Morgan Stanley. I did not want to buy or sell, but get used to what I already had.

by Alan Adams,  5/7/2020

Pros:  None

Cons:  Poor Customer Service, Arrogant, Inept

Review:  I invested a portion of my 401k retirement with Morgan Stanley Wealth Management to supposedly receive their expert financial knowledge and advice. However, they made a blatant error when they received the rollover check from my Employee 401k administrator. Prior to requesting the check, I participated in a conference call with my Morgan Stanley Account Exec and my Employee 401k plan administrator. During that conversation we discussed that a portion of the rollover check would include "After Tax Funds" and would therefore need to be handled differently. Then when Morgan Stanley actually received the check, it also clearly indicated the "After Tax Funds" were included. However, they deposited the "After Tax Funds" into a Traditional IRA account instead of a Roth IRA account.....which meant that upon withdrawal of those funds I will now incur additional tax liability. When I brought this to their attention, their response was that they couldn't make changes once the funds were deposited and that I would need to hire a "Qualified Tax Professional" for advice on how to handle this additional tax liability that they had caused.

I escalated this matter through their entire executive management team and even their legal counsel and their only response was to somehow blame me for their error.

Just look at the extremely high percentage of "1 Star" ratings from the other customer reviews and you'll know that investing in Morgan Stanley Wealth Management is a terrible idea and a losing proposition.

by Washington State Skier,  1/9/2020

Pros:  Friendly,Knowledgeable, Responsive, Fiduciary relationship!

Cons:  None

Review:  I get good service from the Ann Arbor MI Huron group. Earnings pay my monthly withdrawal, and pays the fees while growing. I stay on top of my portfolio so I know what's going on. If I have questions they get answered. When the market is down of course I lose too, but it's unrealized loses. I don't get too worried as long as it eventually turns around.
I'm in for the long haul, as long as this scenario keeps up.

by Bree,  12/30/2019


Cons:  Sorry plain sorry

Review:  Paul answered the phone. Very unconcerned now why would I even speak to a loser that doesn’t care about my finances

by R. Waldo,  11/25/2019


Cons:  Brokers and customer service do not care about their investors

Review:  Opened an investment in 1997, and out of the blue in November 2019, they closed the account. They claimed they sent a letter, but I never received it. All they could say is that they have the right to close accounts.

by DL,  11/23/2019

Pros:  No choice, required by my employer

Cons:  Fees are out of control, "overnight check delivery" is 2-5 "business" days, minimum

Review:  You provide an option for check delivery as "overnight", but AFTER I place the order I find that when it doesn't show up the next 24 hours, your transaction details now show "Morgan Stanley will send your proceeds on settlement date (two business days after trade execution), for a fee. US-based participants should receive their check 4-5 business days after the trade execution date, delivery to non-US locations may take longer depending on the location."

This is not only fraud, there is literally no reason to select this ridiculous option because it takes 4-5 business days without the asinine $25 fee! Never again! Corruprorate America at its worst.

by David,  10/23/2019

Pros:  None

Cons:  Not worth it

Review:  I can’t believe that these guys can stay in business. I had a Morgan Stanley “ financial advisor” looking after my portfolio for about 4 years. He charged me a little over 1% a year for his services. I don’t really think he did anything except pass on platitudes such as “ Stay the course” that obviously came from corporate headquarters. I had about 1 million in my account and that means that he felt entitled to around $10,000 a year for basically doing nothing. And the nerve of this guy, posting social media pictures of his trips to Bali, etc.
I switched to Vanguard and I pay about $3000 a year for a great service. There’s no smoke and mirrors, they are knowledgeable and friendly and I trust them that they truly are looking out for my interests at a reasonable cost

by Ken Mataya,  10/22/2019

Pros:  none

Cons:  Poor management, expensive tranfer fees

Review:  After a hard sell, I decided to let the Wolfslau group handle my retirement accounts in 2017 to reduce the amount of time I needed to spend managing my money. They basically matched the market and my accounts were up about 8%, then the market turned down at the end of 2018, my accounts lost 12%. Their explanation was that these were unrealized gains - they were certainly unrealized at that point! I would have been far better off investing in Vanguard ETFs. I transferred my accounts to my Merrill account and now I handle my own "management". However, getting the last of the cash out of my accounts took months - AND they charged me $170 to transfer the accounts. Absolutely the worst broker experience i've ever had.

by Callie Struppeck,  10/6/2019


Cons:  Bad to invest your retirement with them

Review:  My father lost all his money. We ended up having to move he we ended up on social security just to get by. Then they lied about stealing our money. We never got what was stolen from us. This is definitely not a firm to trust with your money

by AM,  10/2/2019

Pros:  None

Cons:  everything

Review:  I have a traditional IRA with Morgan Stanley. I wanted to roll it over to my current employer plan. After 1 month of back and forth, Morgan Stanley still has my money.

My employer's 401K requires a rollover form to be completed. Morgan Stanley requires a roll-over form to be completed also. Both forms were completed. I talked to a MS representative and they assured me that the two forms will be sufficient to get my money out of the IRA into my 401K. Then, Morgan Stanley said that I need a "Letter of Acceptance". I asked what information needed to be in a "Letter of Acceptance". They said that it's a standard letter required by IRS (which is not true because my husband just roll over his IRA to his employer's 401K and no letter of acceptance was needed). So, I called my employer's 401K company, They said that they have never heard of such requirement. But they generated a letter of acceptance for me to send to MS. I sent that to MS. Then they came back said that it's insufficient because it's missing information. They listed the information needed in a letter to me. All of the requested information is in the roll-over form. So, I called MS back and asked that they use the roll-over form in conjunction with the acceptance letter. They said that the form information cannot be used and it has to be explicitly stated in a acceptance letter. I feel like that they just don't want to release my money and they keep changing the target to prolong this process!!!!

Don't ever use Morgan Stanley IRA if you ever want to get your money out.

by Bobo,  9/25/2019

Pros:  None

Cons:  They said it ALL above.... 2000-2010

Review:  Would give "0" star if available.. Lost me more than 100$ K

by David Donaldson,  7/17/2019

Pros:  Friendly (AT FIRST)

Cons:  Ethics,dishonesty and absolutely misleading.

Review:  Invested with them from 1996-2019. First few years good. After that they leave your stocks to LOSE money. Morgan Stanley office in DALLAS is worthless. From October 2018 to January 2019 they let my accounts lose over 60,000.00!!! Did nothing but ignore me during this disaster. I told them to sell/pull back. (WAS IGNORED) I complained and accounts were terminated by SUNNY PATEL and MARIA NICHOLAS. I hope this helps others in there search for HONEST FIRMS. If I could give zero stars I would.

by Bye bye hard earned money,  5/25/2019

Pros:  Unknown

Cons:  Extremely difficult (impossible?) to get money out

Review:  I had an old 401(k) account which was rolled over to a Morgan Stanley IRA. I wanted to roll it over to my current employer plan. To do so I had to fill out a 6 page form AND get an approval letter from the receiving financial institution. After contacting my HR department and put in contact with my new plan they do not even know what Morgan Stanley wants and have not provided this information before. All this time they are still charging their fees of course and restrict my account to only cash. This is criminal.

Even spending hours on the phone with new brokerage firm on the phone with Morgan Stanley I still do not have my rollover.

Only use Morgan Stanley if you do not want to see your money again.

by AC Walker,  5/17/2019

Pros:  Lots of options

Cons:  They do nothing unless you are a major investor and then impede taking your business elsewhere

Review:  As a young worker I opened an IRA with Morgan Stanley about 10 years ago--I was set up with a good, proactive advisor and was very happy in spite of the fact that I was a relatively low-income, low-volume customer. Then, a few years ago, I was informed my holdings no longer entitled me to a personal advisor and was automatically switched over to their robo-investors (or whatever it is). In that time they have done NOTHING with my account except take their cut. Inexplicably they have been maintaining over a third of my money in cash reserves where it has earned nothing, and their website is a joke--it makes it impossible to actually make your own buys without calling them and sitting on hold for 10 minutes. Finally, fed up with the fact that my ROI is significantly lower than with any other account I have, I moved to do a direct rollover to another company that offers electronic bank-to-bank--and then got a call from MS insisting that they would not release without a "wet" signature and paper forms sent by mail. So now I can wait a month or so to see what the next hurdle is that they throw at me. Bottom line, if you are not a multimillionaire, move your business from Morgan Stanley. They don't care about it.

by Scott,  4/25/2019

Pros:  Awesome people

Cons:  None

Review:  I deal with Morgan Stanley Wealth Management in Cincinnati OH. They give me great advise and when things go a little south they will call me and give me a legit reason why and what they think it will do next. My guy Chris V invest my money like he would if it was his. He is very knowledgeable and I trust him a lot. All the negatives I have been reading must be from another location because I cant say enough good about mine.

by Wilnot McGinis,  4/17/2019

Pros:  Absolutely None

Cons:  Dishonest and would not make changes that I requested. I lost $80k due to them doing nothing with my accounts.

Review:  I moved my money to Morgan Stanley and they were difficult to work with at first. I ask for a Morgan Stanley investor, who a friend recommended, and they would not allow me to work with him. They wanted to give me a new employee for a $1 million dollar account. After, many weeks of asking for someone with experience, they gave a guy called Robert Stan Nelson, who was very nice at first and screwed me over later. The market was having problem and I wanted to roll the accounts into a different account, which I was told from the very beginning could easily be done. They will tell you any thing you want to hear and then not do it. He did not move the accounts for over 3 months and I lost 80K. When he finally moved it, the market was at the bottom of the tank and coming up the next week. I could not believe he did this. I was desperate to stop losing large amounts of money and stress, because he did not listen to me 1,2, and 3 months prior. I had a good feeling that the market was going to go south and he disagree with me and told me to just do nothing. He gave me his personal cell number. I called it and he would then take my conversations and translated them into his version of the conversation to make it look like he as doing nothing wrong. This is illegal to do. I would call him and he was always out of town on vacation or at the gym working out and had no time for me. When I did get his attention, he would not follow my directions and said to just leave the funds alone. I paid him 1.5% and he and Morgan Stanley did nothing to provide a service or make me money, but lose it. All the laws that are to prevent this type of situation from occurring are not working today. President Obama had plans to fix this, but now no one is held responsible anymore. We are going back to the 2009 era when the financial mortgage accounts, held by Morgan Stanley were not being watched by our government and it caused the banks and financial market to fail worse than any time in history. And no one was held responsible or arrested for their actions. I went to another financial institute that agrees with this. We are no better off than we were in 2009 when the US bank industry failed. It will happen again guys. Our government is sitting on there buts and doing nothing. Do Not trust Morgan Stanley, because they will make you pay for their bad behavior, unprofessional attitude and loss of investment errors.

by Dave,  4/3/2019

Pros:  Friendly (AT FIRST)


Review:  Great in the beginning. If markets lose or poor decisions are made it never there fault! If you complain or question your accounts will be terminated. Racial issues exist there I feel too. Use caution when dealing with them! Dallas offices and des Moines office as well. I say des Moines because I attempted to transfer and because of one individual (SUNNY PATEL) That office refused.

by tom,  1/3/2019

Pros:  Friendly.

Cons:  Non-communicative, poor with transitions

Review:  I sign up for a couple of accounts with MS. Just after I fund the accounts, my personal broker doesn't communicate with me. I called and emailed, then tried again but got bounced. I emailed someone else who was working with my broker at MS and he said the broker has left MS and they will be reassigning me someone soon. That never occurred. I send an email to whoever would receive my intra-system email - no reply...sent a follow up after a couple weeks. Got a reply, where the person said he had no record of the first email. Doesn't do anything to help the broker situation. Meanwhile I have money that they haven't invested for me but are charging fees on. I get the intra-system email guy to say he would refund the fees and the secretary would help with closure. The first account is refunded but not the second account. I wait a few weeks, then send a follow-up. They refund the second one and tell me that they will transfer the funds to a linked account. A week goes by and nothing happens. I send the secretary and email asking for the status. And then she tells me that she has to have documents signed and speak to my wife because she is on the account. That is not unreasonable but I cannot fathom why I wasn't told this in previous emails or when I spoke to the secretary on the phone. And even if she did not realize the situation at the moment, she should have at least emailed me later, instead of doing nothing while I wait. Never using them again.

by Linda L,  12/10/2018

Pros:  NONE

Cons:  We repeatedly wrote letters requesting changes. MOrgan Stanley did not do what we and our lawyers requested. Stocks are losing money.. one of them is losing money on an average of 1000 a month.

Review:  Their estate department which they only recently started does not know how to process a successor trustee request.
REfuse to give physical address in which to send information. Told us not to come to their office. Very suspicious behavior.

by HS Im,  9/11/2018

Pros:  NONE


Review:  I had countless troubles with Morgan Stanley. Everyone here knows them.

One additional thing that showcases their tricky behavior - I can only ADD external account to Morgan Stanley profile, but there seems NO WAY TO REMOVE those external account from there. Why do they want my information so badly? Will they make any money out of holding onto that information? If not, are they simply dumb? Online search gives me no hint. Am I the only one who cares this? I do not want a company I cannot trust to have any additional information of mine any longer. This company is evil.

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