What are the 5 best investment companies? List of the top-rated financial firms for investing in the U.S. stock market for long-term.

Best Investment Companies Overview

Rapidly outgrowing their competitors, the five leading financial investment companies are E*Trade, Schwab, Robinhood, and Webull. This article will offer an in-depth analysis of each broker and attempt to understand the unique qualities that drive their growth and attract investors.


Starting off as TradePlus in 1982, E*Trade went public in 1996 as E*Trade Financial Corporation. It acquired Harrisdirect in 2005 and later, OptionsHouse. Today, it boasts of more than $420 billion in client assets in its brokerage and bank operations.

Generating an annual revenue of over $2.94 billion, E*Trade employs 4,200 individuals who provide support over the phone round-the-clock. Some of them operate out of the firm's 30 physical locations spread across 17 states.

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E*Trade grew steadily since its IPO, thanks to innovative advertising campaigns and an extensive array of financial services. Besides stocks and ETFs, the broker provides fixed-income products and over 10,000 mutual funds, of which around 4,200 carry no load or transaction fee.

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Other services include managed accounts, financial planning, and bank products. Portfolio management begins at a mere 0.30% for a $10,000 balance and incorporates low-cost ETFs. E*Trade also provides two different checking accounts, one offering unlimited ATM fee reimbursement with a Visa debit card. With such a broad spectrum of financial services, E*Trade's growth shows no signs of slowing down.

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Charles Schwab

Next on our list of the best financial investment companies, Charles Schwab was established in California in 1971 and went public as The Charles Schwab Corporation in 1987. By 1997, the firm had a million online accounts which doubled within a year. In 2003, it launched an FDIC-insured bank, and by 2012, client assets exceeded $2 trillion.

The company's growth is attributed to its customer-focused approach. Schwab offers 24/7 customer service in the United States and has 325 branches for clients preferring in-person service. Its website includes an online chat function, and Mandarin or Cantonese speaking associates can be reached over the phone.

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Schwab recently revamped its website for easier navigation. It also offers a mobile app that provides free live streaming of financial news from CNBC among other features. Schwab's desktop platform, thinkorswim, is available to clients maintaining a minimum balance of $1,000.

A wide variety of funds attracts investors to Schwab. It offers more than 3,000 no-load, no-transaction-fee mutual funds. A sophisticated screener filters these products based on Morningstar rating, expense ratio, standard deviation, and performance history.

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Charles Schwab Bank offers a checking account that can be linked to a securities account, which comes with free checks and a Visa debit card. The broker reimburses all ATM fees incurred worldwide when using its debit card.

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Webull captured a considerable share of the retail investment market by combining market-leading trading software and a low pricing schedule, including zero-commission options trading. It only took two years from the release of the app for the broker to reach a customer base of 11 million investors. Today, Webull serves traders in various ways.

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Several features set Webull apart from much of its competition. The advanced customizable desktop trading platform, a cutting-edge mobile application, a generous approach to promotional offers, and access to the full-length extended hours session (4 am - 8 pm EST) are obvious advantages. Access to Level 2 Quotes and a healthy selection of advanced order types also help the broker stay on top of the list of the ‘5 Best Brokers.’

Users can trade stocks, ETFs, options, OTC securities, cryptocurrencies, and IPOs. Other features like cash management, paper trading, fractional shares, and a robo-advisor are also available to give investors a healthy set of benefits. Webull’s list of account types is not extensive, but the account types provided do give most traders the tools they need. In addition to the regular cash- and margin-based trading accounts, investors can also open an IRA account (Roth, Traditional, and Rollover).

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Robinhood boasts a huge customer base of over 23 million users, that invests in both taxable accounts and IRAs. It is giving customers access to stocks, crypto, options, and ETFs. Robinhood is the first and the only broker in the industry that offers retirement accounts with 1% free contribution match.

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Robinhood's appeal lies in its focus on low fees and zero commissions, making it one of the most cost-efficient firms in the sector. Despite its attractive pricing structure, Robinhood offers a range of free trading tools, including a browser-based platform.

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In addition to a diverse securities portfolio, Robinhood also offers a Robinhood Spending Account. This standalone account has its funds separate from the brokerage account. Robinhood Spending accounts come with many popular banking features, and the broker has introduced some unique features not found in traditional banks. Some of these standout features include:

  • Robinhood Cash Card
  • Check Sending
  • Free ATM Access
  • Pay & Request
  • Round Up Rewards
  • No Fees or Minimums
  • Bank Account & Routing Numbers
  • Fraud Protection
  • FDIC Insured

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Best Investment Companies Recap

While some top financial investment firms are shrinking in size, these five best investment companies have expanded, sometimes from nothing. The fact that investors trust them with enormous sums of money is a good sign that these companies have excellent financial services.

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