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AXA Advisors customer reviews, complaints, and ratings. Investment firm pros and cons. Is AXA Equitable a good financial company?

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AXA Advisors Customer Reviews

by Earl, 5/28/2020

Pros: Broker only calls annually when he want you to deposit: more deposits = more commissions for him!

Cons: Extremely difficult to transfer money out. Lots of fees.

I set up an account at the advice of a family friend (first mistake). After that the broker only called annually and asked if I would be contributing another annual amount. I pointed out to the Him that he only calls for money and he had no response nor solution to the high fees. Any attempt to transfer my account resulted in exorbitant amount for fees so the math said that a transfer might "break even" after 5 years. After the 5 year wait it was extremely difficult to transfer by my financial consultant. The few 5 star review I'm sure are there by AXA Brokers or their friends to try to bring up their rating.

by Bib, 5/13/2020

Pros: None

Cons: Crooks and worthless

I rolled my 401 away from Axa and Axa processed my paperwork ad a distribution instead. The IRS came after me for back taxes on the distribution. Axa took thousand of $ from my account by issuing a distribution instead of a rollover. Criminals!!! Run from these crooks

by Tom K, 1/29/2020

Pros: None

Cons: Aweful Fees, Terrible returns, total mismanagement, terrible website.

And beyond all that they state they don't have my signature on file so I have to bring in a notary to change my beneficiary. Apparently they have now lost my contract.

by Bentley, 1/23/2020

Pros: None

Cons: Many

They are a rip off, they mention that you will make a good ton of money, from the start, however I was very skeptical and the Advisory all he/she wants is to sell no matter what! So I sat with the guy and he explain me the details "he wants to tell" ONLY, and don't tell or even mention the fees! however I got the guy he was scamming me off with bunch WOW numbers, so i was like yeh I will do sign the contract and after that I gave him all the high hopes to 0 because I played the part as a fool but then i pointed out soo many thing in the contract that was hidden which he/she tried to quickly pass by the advisory started to loose confidence and started to get mumbling, Because I know how the sell and what they want you to hear and what not to hear! They say I will make a great deal of money by the 5th year which when i asked by exactly the difference by how much total premium i pay and the total saving I would make didn't even make 100 euros difference because it has to be a long run investment but they always lie and guarantee that I will make a fortune. Such scams hurts people. There is even administration fees but they never mention it there is soo many things that they dont mention. However I will put on a lawsuit against the Advisory that they claimed false information about financial saving. DONT GET AXA put your money somewhere else.

by Tom B., 12/29/2019

Pros: None

Cons: Retuns on investments,High fees,Evasive answers to length of annuity lenght and fees.

The worst financial decision I ever made signing on the dotted line with Axa.The only financial security there looking out for is there own.They neglect to tell there fees.The returns on the portfolio are poor.What ever you hear at the initial presentation.sounds to good to be true, and is.Wish I would I had all these's reviews to read 4 years ago it would have saved me thousands of dollars "Buyer Beware"

by Disappointed customer, 12/19/2019



They suck. Will advise you to take your money elsewhere.

by Investor, 10/23/2019

Pros: NONE

Cons: extortionist, usury

Never disclosed surrender charges. DO not invest with this company! They will screw you!

by Monica Daucourt, 10/23/2019

Pros: NONE

Cons: un professional, never a call back even after call 20 times the Dallas office

I was signed up with AXA at a school professional development meeting. to have my pretax dollars from my income invested in a retirement -403b The rep never disclosed any information about having to stay with the company for 6 years even if i ended employment, turned 60 or just wanted to transfer my funds to another financial institution's 403B. When I wanted information on various funds in my 403B - NO ONE ever a called back for help ( I tried 23 times in the month of September) 2) after month- I called the main office in NY to complain_ never a call back from them either....3) I called my school district and asked for other companies who could receive disbursements monthly and when i told AXA I wanted to end the relationship, they said I was stuck for 6 years- NO MATTER WHAT unless i wanted to incur a huge penalty to get my money into another 403b. Finally, I decided to end any further contributions to the company because they were horribly unprofessional, wrote me a TOUGH LUCk email about holding my money captive in a userous way, and when I asked to see where signed that agreement. I was told that this sis something that the company does not like to disclose to clients..... WOW! BEWARE!

by Danica, 10/11/2019


Cons: command of the English language

could not pronounce the word "combined" successfully after 4 attempts. He said, "combinded"...I am not using them based on this

by John, 7/25/2019

Pros: None as broker never contacted me in spite of multiple calls.


After 20 years of having AXA accounts, now that Im retired I went to cash out the annuities. The customer service folks when I finally got to talk to them were helpful in emailing me the forms I would need. In spite of the forms saying you could fax them, the fax number listed on the forms did not work at all and gave a message that the line was disconnected. This was frustrating after multiple attempts at the local office supply to fax the forms, I finally mailed them in. I provided a canceled check on the forms for direct deposit into my checking account. Since I had 2 annuities with AXA I sent one complete package of forms for each account including canceled checks. Using the online dashboard I was able to see that they got the forms and were processing them. After several days (checking the online dashboard daily) I was told in online chat help that they wouldnt pay both accounts on the same day as you can only draw one down at a time. The following day the customer service person told me that they had processed my payment request for one of the annuities and had issued a check that was being mailed to me in spite of me sending all the information for direct deposit. He told me that I could get them to cancel the check and do a direct deposit but it would take almost a week since even though they had just cut the check (and hadnt actually mailed it yet according to postmark) that they had to make sure it had not been cashed. He made a note supposedly on the account that even though I had requested direct deposit to make sure that the second annuity was processed for direct deposit as I had requested. He told me that it looked like the person processing the one account had not done something right for the direct deposit. So given that they had told me that they would only process payment for one account each day, I expected the direct deposit from the second account the next day. Checking the following day (Thursday) nothing had changed on the online dashboard for either account (both showed that my requests were being reviewed). When I again used the online chat to find out why the second account had not been deposited to my checking account yet, I was told that it was still being reviewed, in spite of sending both sets of forms in at the same time in the same envelope. I was told that he couldn't tell me when they would make a decision about my request. On Friday I again checked the online dashboard and both accounts no longer appeared at all. Thinking well maybe they had deposited the second account, I checked with my bank and no deposit. Immediately opening the online customer service chat, the rep that I talked to said he couldn't understand what happened and that he couldn't see my accounts either. Freaking out he told me I would have to call customer service. This is where the real nightmare began. I called the number that he gave me and the automated system asked me for the account numbers to be entered before it would even put me in the queue. Since I used paperless process I did not have the account numbers since they not longer showed in the AXA online dashboard. So I answered that I was a customer but when it requested I enter the account numbers I didn't enter anything. After several attempts to get past this part of the process (multiple calls) it finally told me i was 39 in the queue. After waiting on hold for 47 minutes (getting to #6 in the queue) the system hung up on me. So I called back again taking several tries to get past the automated system to let me past the part where it wanted me to enter my account numbers (remember I use their paperless process so with my accounts no longer showing in their dashboard I didn't have account numbers). This time I was # 65 in the queue. After being on hold for 55 minutes and getting to #11 in the queue the system hung up on me again without me talking to a customer rep. Another set of tries to get past the automated system I was 27 in the queue. After 45 minutes on hold i finally got a customer service person to talk to and when I said that I didnt have my account numbers she hung up on me. Now I am totally freaking out since Im thinking someone stole the money out of my accounts I searched my house and finally found a paper with the account numbers from before I went paperless. So again to the phone to call after trying the online customer service chat only to be told that I needed to call the customer service center that the folks that do the online chat support could not help. This time I was 42 in the queue and finally got a customer service rep who actually listened to the fact that my accounts had appeared to disappear, she told me that she would transfer me to the right department that could help me, saying she would stay on the line with me till i got someone. After putting me on hold I found myself back in a queue where I was 39 in the queue. Again waiting on hold for 35 minutes I got to #4 before the system hung up on me again. The customer service online chat again tells me that I have to call customer service and they do not have a different number, I begin looking online for AXA corporate headquarters to see if I can find a human being to help. Trying several numbers all of which have automated systems, I finally try the number of AXA online technical help for password resets and immediately ask for a supervisor (again after waiting for 20 minutes in the queue) the agent I spoke with was kind and caring and actually stayed on the line with me till he got a supervisor. It was now about 6 pm Friday and I'm freaking out that they little money I had in the accounts has been permanently stolen. The supervisor said he could see my accounts on his screen but couldn't understand why they had been removed from my online dashboard. He explained that due to the time he was unable to get anyone from the right department (remember he is computer technical assistance) since they have all left for the day. He tells me that it looks like my accounts are set for payouts, but there is nothing that can be done till Monday, when he will follow up with the right department and then with me. He tells me either way he will call me Monday morning to let me know the status. He also said he would put a complaint in the customer care department and that someone from there would be in touch with me for the problems I had. He did say that he was sorry but that when the calling queue gets long agents are only given 1 minute to respond to a caller and if they think it will take longer they are told to hang up. WOW!!! You call that customer service?????? On Monday no deposit to my checking account and no calls from AXA. Around 1 pm the mail arrived with a check for the one account. The AXA online dashboard still does not show either account. At least Im thinking that only one was stolen so again contact AXA online chat to again be told I have to call. After several more unsuccessful attempts to get threw the barriers they have to reach the phone service, I resign myself to see if AXA will contact me. No calls from AXA at all. On Tuesday, finally the second annuity shows up deposited in my checking account. Even though both accounts I am sure are small by AXA standards (less then $8,000 combined), it was all the money I had till my other retirement accounts kicked in. I still have yet to be contacted by AXA customer care until I got this survey. I would advise to never go paperless with AXA if you already hand an accoint and will NEVER suggest anyone use AXA EVER!!!!

by Mark, 7/7/2019

Pros: None

Cons: Con artist

Is a fiduciary strictly for himself. Totally misrepresented and lied.

by Dennis, 7/5/2019



Horrible to deal with. Trying to help family member who changed jobs roll over money into IRA. Often Difficult to get a person. Staff is rude. ABSOLUTELY REFUSE TO mail any forms. Can’t download forms on their mobile site. Finally after long debate with several reps they emailed form and said we also had to go through 3rd party provider. They sent link that we can’t open. Finally someone gave us number to 3rd party provider. Hopefully they can give better guidance.
Also HIGH fees to roll over. It seems like they come up with every obstacle to stop you from moving your money out.
I’ve rolled money from another retirement account previously and it was so simple.
My advice, look for other investment companies if you have the option.

by Gilian, 6/14/2019

Pros: None

Cons: Act like you owe them money

My 401k advisor never replies emails, barely reach him by phone. If I can choose, I would have replaced him or AXA all together much earlier.

by John F., 6/9/2019

Pros: I work through my Financial Consultant and have so for a good number of years. Of course some down years, but overall, AXA has done well by me and have considered investing more into my fund. No real complaints, probably since they are working directly with my consultant and not me.

Cons: Even when things got started, I had no problems. No screw-ups, no back and forth calls. Professional all the way.

None at this time.

by DC, 4/24/2019

Pros: Very Knowledgeable, Full Service, Wide Variety of Investements

Cons: None

I could not be more pleased with my experience at AXA Advisors. Whatever problems you may be having with your personal finances AXA is one stop shop that can point you in the right direction. With the ability to offer insurance and investment advisory services, your advisor will help you meet your goals.

by Anonymous, 4/17/2019

Pros: None


One of the advisors there picked up a golf club and bashed it into a wall before looking at me and stating that he wanted to see me in his office the following day. When I said something to management, I was told that there were video cameras. No one reassured me that I would be safe and that it would be taken care of or who to go to.

Another one of his colleagues kept showing up just to bother me to the point where I had to leave work in the middle of the day and pay for a taxi just to get home.

These people should not be working in public schools or going to houses.

by Previous Employee, 4/17/2019

Pros: None

Cons: Everything

I used to work for this company. My job was to transfer calls to the appropriate service center and schedule client meetings.

I had one interaction where a client was upset because she wasn’t aware of whether her school provided matching contributions. Now in this case, the advisor was correct in that she needed to obtain pay stubs from her payroll as we were not provided a breakdown from the home office. However, the woman set up to train me was buzzing in my ear not to answer client inquiries without being licensed and there was miscommunication all over the place.

I had another instance where a client was sent the wrong withdrawal form by the assistant which caused her to unexpectedly be taxed.

This same assistant taught me to prefill social security numbers which I later found out was against company policy and this lead to someone’s account being wiped out by fraud. Apparently common sense is not so common at this company.

This same assistant provided a notary for a hardship withdrawal for a client she had never met which was then sent to a client’s personal e-mail. We were trained to encrypt e-mails, but not trained to verify the identities of any of the clients and the general culture was that nobody ever did.

Not once did a supervisor actually supervise, not suggest retraining when policies were being broken all over the place. This is a bad company.

by Barb A., 4/5/2019


Cons: Posed as financial advisor

I have unfortunately held an AXA contract since January 2008. When it was purchased the fees were not explained, the financial advisor, which is really an insurance agent, tacked on riders that added to the already steep fees. The total fees are 4.25% - ridiculous!!! Despite all of the terrible fees, the market has done well and historical returns over the past 11 years, the length of my contract to date, has exceeded 8%. My account value is standing at $10,000 lower than what I opened the account with in 2008 so I would say this is a very bad investment. What this company does is keep your account value down so if you start using your money, it will wipe out your account and you then no longer have a death benefit. Very clever. They force you to blow through your own principal and you're done. Had I invested this money into a traditional retirement fund, I would have had interest that exceeded my annual income rider. This company, and I believe annuities in general, are total rip offs of the public. The only people making out are the agents who sell them and the insurance companies. They are frauds of the financial community.

by Denise, 2/4/2019

Pros: Nothing good to say


AXA CUSTOMER service is a joke. We have been trying to get a refund on an annual premium that was ACCIDENTALLY paid twice on 12/27 and 12/31. We cannot reach a single person who doesn't want to sell us something else. We waited on your phone line for at least 30 minutes for assistance on multiple occasions. We will have no option but to report this to the attorney generals office and file a complaint. This company is awful

by William, 1/17/2019

Pros: None

Cons: Their business model

Don't be fooled by the 8 fake reviews all posted on 3/1/18. This company and their insurance brokers will rob you blind. Don't fall for their sales pitches because the reality is they're selling you products they earn a commission on and almost impossible to get out of without giving them more money.

by Gallatin, 1/11/2019

Pros: Slimy brokers

Cons: Slimy

Run, Run as far away as you can get from anyone connected to AXA advisors! The negatives are to long to even start to list here! AXA has numerous lawsuits against them, if anyone is interested start digging!

by Matt A, 1/7/2019

Pros: Persuasive

Cons: Insurance agent posing as Financial Adviser, Dishonest, 2.5% AUM Fees, 6% Termination Charges

Please listen to me and don't make the same financial disaster mistake I made by "investing" with Axa. These insurances agents are not fiduciaries and do not have your best interest in mind when selling you their products.

At age 27, I (thought) I needed help setting up retirement accounts when I became an independent contractor so I asked a "friend" who was in the business for help. At the time I didn't know how these insurance salesmen (masquerading as financial advisers) were paid and I thought my friend was helping me. My Roth and 401k assets at Vanguard were transferred into Roth and SEP Annuities, I was sold a Variable Universal Life (VUL) policy (instead of low cost term insurance) and (to consolidate my accounts) I moved my brokerage account to Axa as well.

For four years and a half years I ...
• Paid 4% commission on all contributions plus $100/month in administration fees for VUL policy.
• Paid 2.5% asset under management and mutual fund fees on both the Roth/SEP annuities and on the investments in the VUL policy.
• Paid 3% commission buying Vanguard ETFs (that I picked on my own).

When I discovered I made a huge mistake, I decided to close all my accounts except the VUL.
• Closing the VUL would result in a surrender charge of $15,500 on total premiums of $22,000 so I left the account open and will continue to let them withdraw $100/month on a $600,000 life insurance payout as well as take their 2.5% AUM fees. (Typical term insurance for a 27 year old is in the $20-30 range per month).
• 6% charge on all assets in the SEP and Roth accounts for closing both accounts.
• $135 for transferring the assets in the SEP/Roth to Vanguard.
• $125 for transferring the assets in the brokerage account to Vanguard.

Currently, I'm sitting on a $36,000 loss for "investing" with Axa over 4.5 years while another $6,000 is slowing dwindling away each month in the VUL. In my calculation, I used 1.5% for AUM fees and subtracted the cost of term life insurance to get a more accurate number.

Lastly, I should have been investing in a Individual 401k which would have allowed me to contribute a greater amount each year (saving myself from paying taxes) and I should have been doing a backdoor Roth IRA each year but since my "adviser" couldn't sell me an Individual 401k or make money on backdoor Roth contributions, I was never informed of this.

For the last time, please please please do me a favor and avoid Axa as well as any other insurance company. Make sure you ask the adviser if he is a "fiduciary" and ask how they get paid.

by Lorraine M, 12/19/2018

Pros: Very friendly agent

Cons: When calling, the wait was at least 15 - 20 min; lack of knowledge of product

Overall, this is a terrible company! Trying to transfer life insurance policy ownership to my mother and this process has taken months! When we call, they state that I am not the owner of the policy but when my mother calls, she is not the owner either. Someone is not doing their job! My mother wants to use the money for insurance but they make it impossible to do this one task! For months we've been working on this. By far the worst and absolute frustrating customer service ever! Thanks for wasting our time!

by David, 12/9/2018

Pros: None

Cons: very poor portfolio performance, lied about policies

Losing money in their investment account even when the stock market was on fire. Now I use my personal broker to manage investments so they don't try to sell me investments for their own profits at my expense. I should have 80,000 in the account but have about 40,000 after eight years of putting in 1000 a month. As a community college employee, all annuities in our program allow us to switch to another broker one time without penalty but AXA changed this policy without notifying the college. Hate these people and have stopped funding it. Better to pay 2,500 to transfer funds than to continue to lose money with them.

by Linda, 11/28/2018

Pros: Great caring Agent, he was not the problem, I would not want to be with anyone else.


AXA does not return phone calls, hangs up on you, doesn't respond to their own forms that they ask you to fill out. Terrible customer service. The are not Cyber safe, too many loose ends. they don't even file the correct paperwork when making a change and then I get dinged from the IRS. I plan on moving my money as soon as I can. What does it take to get someone at AXA to call me back?? Management get off your ass and do your job, and take care of your clients.

by Unhappy, 10/31/2018

Pros: my local agent was great!!!

Cons: The main company, way too many to list

Had to close my account. Wanted my money Direct Deposited. They couldn't do it because the standard Direct Deposit form my bank uses was not acceptable, because it is not signed by the Manager. LOL, really? Neither is a voided check idiots.

by Mr. Miller, 10/31/2018

Pros: Nice... that's all..

Cons: To many to list.

Avoid AXA Advisors. Basically this is actually not a company. They are independent brokers working under an umbrella company selling their products. There is no corporate office. If you call the corporate number it is just a switch board not even located at the address listed. They will be available to take your money, but will avoid you like the plague when you want to collect the money. I called the corporate number to file a complaint and talk to someone about the lack of communication with my broker. I was transferred 3 times in 45 minutes to find out that I have to write a letter and submit it. This is not a company that you can count on. What am I actually complaining about.... I am the legal guardian of my mom's estate. Durable power of attorney. So on and so forth. The agent has all paperwork. I went to liquidate one of my mother's assets to pay for her care at a memory facility. Well the agent won't answer my calls after I told her that I needed to liquidate an account, then the agent Barbara G...... out of the South Jersey area sends me a message "text" saying she will call me back. Never does. The main company doesn't have me on file as the Power of attorney. So now I have to jump through hoops to get it to them. They even said that she was supposed to file the POA with them, but didn't. Bottom line don't deal with them. They are eager to take your money, but after they have it you're screwed. ALL THEIR CONTACT NUMBERS LEAD YOU TO AN AGENT. CALL YOURSELF AND ASK FOR A CUSTOMER SERVICE NUMDER. DEER IN HEADLIGHTS.......

by JAB, 10/15/2018



BE CAREFUL The people may be nice (maybe!) but the performance is terrible. Looking at my Annuity IRA for 2018, as of October 1st, while the S&P has gone up 11%, the value of the unit of the Moderate Growth Strategy Fund has gone down 1.4%. This is not all, there will be a fee of about 1% at the anniversary date, which means my money when down 2.4%.
Why this expert people, charging you VERY, VERY large fees, using "state of the art" computer tools can do so poorly? Why they do not fire are their "analyst" and take a Vanguard index fund, and actually close doors? This is as close to stealing your money as I can see.

by John, 9/28/2018

Pros: None


Our family dealt with AXA for too many years - our advisor was rude and refused to clear out the account opened by our parents. We had to spend many months dealing with the general customer service and they dragged their feet on top of having to speak with whoever answered customer service.

Stay far away from AXA!!

by S Y, 8/20/2018

Pros: Professional and friendly


On 8/10/2018 I went to AXA Advisors’ Houston Texas branch, where an AXA Advisor helped me to change the form of my name with my AXA account. The professional and friendly lady spent quite some time to call the office(s) in charge and prepare /copy/fax the documents. I very much appreciate her excellent proficiency and work ethic. In about a week I received a Conformation Notice from the AXA Equitable Processing Office, which demonstrated again that AXA is an efficient institute to work with.

by Sarah Smith, 7/26/2018

Pros: Kind, sincere, christ-like and explained everything in a manner I could follow fully. +They can shop the whole market, not just quote you one company's price like Northwestern Mutual does.

Cons: My advisor was new, but had plenty of support and always had leaders to help, so this was not really a con at all.

I have been impressed with this company and its advisors. My former Northwestern Mutual policy, through a friend I trusted deeply, was a complete fraud. I was not given what I asked for and was mislead when I tried to inquire about apparent problems. I believed the person because of our friendship and trusted far too much. Being ignorant as a young 20-something, I signed up blindly. I now know far more and have been advised extremely well about former policies and everything new that I've purchased for my family with AXA. I have a trustworthy person to guide me through some of life's hardest decisions and we share our faith in Christ, which is powerful in creating a trustworthy relationship. I could not be happier with my Dallas Advisor.

by Tom D, 7/18/2018


Cons: Brokers do not service client accounts.

We have had 5 policies with AXA for several years. The policies were purchased by my Father. Death benefits total over $5,000,000. I have interacted with this company numerous times. I am 64 years old and spent 30 years in the financial service industry. I'm also a CPA and can properly read customer statements and understand financial concepts. I can honestly say this company has the worst customer service of ANY company I have ever worked with. I would strongly advise prospects to avoid this company. Please know that existing customers are provided terrible customer service. AXA Equitable employees should be ashamed to work for this company. Normally I believe in corporate America - but this company has truely tested my faith in large corporations.

If AXA executives are reading this - you should be ashamed of your product. You hurt people.

by JoAnn H., 7/5/2018

Pros: None

Cons: All Con.

Received a call today. Hadn't heard from anyone affiliated with AXA in at least 5 years. When I mentioned the lack of communication, the defensive person on the other side berated me for not picking up my phone. I told him to stop and asked for a supervisor and was informed he was my advisor and there was no one above him. I asked him to send me the paperwork to roll my account into another company and he told me he couldn't send me the paperwork. When I questioned that piece of information, he hung up.


by B..N., 6/26/2018

Pros: None. Just BS

Cons: High fees and up-selling their products that were not in your best interest.

High fees and up-selling their products that were not in your best interest.

by Russ V, 5/14/2018

Pros: None

Cons: Misleading statements and failure to disclose fee's

We were sold an annuity described as a mutual fund portfolio and it was explained to us the only fee was their split of expense ratio's with the mutual fund companies. After several years of performance below market expectations we had it transferred from the AXA fund manager to Morgan Stanley so they could look into the AXA contract. Advised that in addition to the expense ratio's there was a 1.65% fee on the annuity contract (seems we were lied to about no other fees). While annuities might offer tax deferment and insurance protection we waived the protection (more fees) and having Roth IRA's there was no tax advantage. Besides the undisclosed fee there was also an 8%, 7%, 6%, 5% declining four year close out charge (we were told 8%, 6%, 4%, 2%).
Unless you want to pay for insurance protection from market impacts there are many better mutual fund managed account options out there. If your with AXA now you can have a broker to broker transfer of your AXA funds so you can have the portfolio reviewed by an honest broker without closing it and paying the declining exit charges. If your not with AXA recommend you stay that way.

by Teacher, 3/8/2018

Pros: Seemingly good investment opportunities and variety of options

Cons: Lack of implementation and trustworthiness

There was no follow-up or communication with my account. I was not even notified that my account had been terminated until I called for a general question. They had no answers and no apologies. I had expected to be investing and creating a future with their professional guidance. My first two meetings led me to believe they would guide me in the right direction. Luckily, I did not lose money, but the lack of professionalism and follow-through shown in AXA was very disappointing.

by Debbie Pat, 3/7/2018

Pros: Can't think of one

Cons: Independent contractors, having nothing to do with AXA, confusing when you call 1-800-444-6510,

Here's an issue we are currently facing. We have an independent adviser who is either dead or has retired. If this happens to you there is no longer anyone at AXA servicing your policy. The general number says you still need to pay, but you cannot get access to your policy or any of the information because it is not stored at AXA and only the independent contractor has a copy of it. I've been trying for 2 weeks to get information and it is impossible. Because they cannot find your policy number.

by Mike, 3/1/2018

Pros: Transparent, hard working individuals who consistently keep their clients best interest in mind.

Cons: N/A

I have shopped around multiple financial institutions and it is fair to say that AXA has by far the mot reasonable prices. My current financial consultant is hard working and diligent in every aspect; not to mention reachable no matter the time of day. He consistently keeps my best interests in mind and only makes a recommendation if he feels it will truly push me further towards my financial goals.

On another note, my first experience with an AXA professional set the tone for the rest of my time with them. They provide the financial plan for free, and when I sat down with my consultant to create this plan and determine an area that was falling behind, we figured out that there really wasn't an area. All he was really able to do was recommend I reallocate the investments within my 401k to other areas (something that doesn't charge me a fee and that doesn't pay a commission to the advisor). A year later my 401k had performed in a way I had dreamed of. It wasn't until then did I decide to truly do work with an AXA advisor. Nothing but good things from my experience with them.

by Benjamin Keller, 2/27/2018

Pros: Reasonable prices when shopped around

Cons: Everything else

These guys have an antiquated payments system. They didn't even except online payments until Q4 2017. Every payment that I have made - these guys have screwed it up. This has caused my policy to lapse now on two separate occasions. I am switching my carrier ASAP. Run for the hills and don't consider these folks.

by Margaret, 2/27/2018


Cons: Awful customer service. Inefficient and inept.


by Mary Cureton, 2/23/2018



I requested from my broker to close my Ira and have Check sent to me on or about February 10, 2018 via email to my broker, and my broker confirmed via email on the 12th asking about withholding taxes to which I immediately responded. All was confirmed same day in phone conversation with assurances I’d receive the check in a few days. End of the next week, almost two weeks later still no check had arrived. When I contacted him again I received an email from his assistant making excuses that they needed a copy of my drivers license and for me to send an electronic form back to them. He also called me but not until almost two weeks lapsed saying the delay was because of federal law changes requiring my signature on the form! Yet, he never requested that when I asked to close the account! And no paperwork was even in the works until I started raising hell! I sent my Drivers license copy and awaited the docusign doc that never came. I had to email and call my broker again before they finally prepared it and sent it to me on the 23rd! Now I am promised a check in the mail on Monday. So two weeks and still no check. This is just wrong!!!! Hell will freeze over before I would recommend AXA to anyone. This is tantamount to elder abuse! AXA should have to reimburse me interest on my account at same rate I was paying Master Charge since they have kept my money for more than two weeks preventing me from paying it off!

by Lisa, 2/12/2018

Pros: None aware of

Cons: My broker was deceiving and sold me insurance I did not want

Over 5 years ago I took out an educational savings plan for my daughter with monthly automatic withdrawals. I trusted the agent which was a big mistake. My other mistake was not carefully reading and understanding the contract. The agent snuck in an insurance policy on my daughter at an absurd rate so that 25% of my monthly premium was going to pay insurance only. I never agreed to any insurance on 2 year old! After 4 years of very negative returns due to the overpriced policy that finally dropped off, the agent refused to admit any wrong doing. Then after trying to cancel the automatic top off, with a charge per month by AXA of course, they said they could not do and the only way to stop was to cancel the entire account. What???? I will never trust this company again and neither should anyone else.

by Rick, 10/25/2017

Pros: None that I can see

Cons: Obvious bad procedures and plolicies

Needed an emergency withdrawal. Faxed them the same exact form filled out exactly as I had done before but with an extra fee for overnight processing. Three days later no call, no money. Really drop dead issue that was explained to broker and phone help and included instruction on fax. I phone them and was told I made a mistake filling out the form. I have to explain to them their phone operator said the fax would typically be processed in the first hour of opening business and instructions were to phone if there were any problems. I was told that if there is a problem with an emergency withdrawal, there is a 3-5 day wait before you are told! I was also told the distribution of my funds via the first withdrawal were a mistake so they shouldn't have made it! I told them "Don't you think I should have been told there was a mistake so I wouldn't make the same mistake twice?" and was told 'tough' in so many words. I was then offered to go ahead and 'push it through' based on phone instructions I had just given them and the funds would be wired the next day. I reminded them that this was not much of an accommodation on their part since I could just refax the corrected withdrawal paperwork and pay them the same $90 fee that they are charging me to get the same exact result. We'll see if the money actually gets here or else I will be back to write another review. What I really wanted to hear was "We will amend our procedures so it doesn't happen again" but it was never said. The withdrawal form is 16 pages! I suspect this is to present a daunting and confusing task to discourage people from getting their funds and making mistakes that they use to keep you from getting your money back.

by Phil, 10/19/2017

Pros: Broker: Nice, folksy individual with soothing sales pitch.

Cons: Assistant to broker: aggressive young film-flam artist obscuring details of costs and performance. Overall company opaque on details.

I paid dearly for my financial education by mistakenly getting involved with AXA Advisors. Avoid them like the plague. High fees, mediocre to poor performance of funds. My wife and I transferred our combined retirement funds to AXA and learned too late that they charge high fees and use limited range of mutual funds to which we paid additional fees (total = 5+%). That, with other funds tied up in a “can’t lose” annuity. We came to our senses after two years of watching no growth, but lots of happy talk. We pulled out, paying the early surrender fees and moved our money to Vanguard and TIAA index funds, where costs are minuscule in comparison (< 1%) and performance tracks the market. We paid the “stupid tuition” (early surrender fees), learned our lesson and have never looked back.

by Heather Castro, 8/29/2017

Pros: None

Cons: I am a public teacher. They do not respond to appointment requests..

I have requested an appt with an advisor on 5 different occassions through my login account and have received no call back. Then I stopped contributing and I receive emails and calls weekly to book an appt. Secondly, I have been hung up on twice when I asked for forms to be sent so I can close and transfer my account. I am a public school teacher who has a 403b with them through a whole life policy. I learned about that a little too late. Let Dave Ramsey teach about them.
My opinions aren't necessary. Just read the facts.

by RKlatt, 8/21/2017

Pros: easy to talk with, straight shooter

Cons: conservative, uninformed

I was invested in two of there moderate risk products with guarantee riders. After doing some deep digging with another advisor I found I was paying a total of 5% AXA managing fees. In 5 years with AXA my net growth rate was less than 5% while the DOW had doubled. I have since found new products with other companies and considerably less managing fees.
Pin your advisor down. clarify what fees are associated with the product. Personally I have had a poor experience with AXA.

by Mark Toiv, 8/10/2017

Pros: They know how to sell aggressively

Cons: Their extremely dishonest

They sucked money out of my Dad for 25 years and then cancelled his policy for being about 17 days late on a payment. Found out that most of the premiums went towards the brokers commisions. They're customer service is designed in a way to get nothing done. They are very polite as they screw you over big time.

by Brittany Leimeister, 7/11/2017


Cons: Impossible to get a hold of once you've given them your money

Called when I switched jobs and kept getting told to call this and that person. I was definitely given the run around. Then I left several kind voicemails asking for a return call. Received 0 call backs! Absolutely ridiculous! Unfortunately the school I worked for set it's employees up with this company. I wish I would have known this and researched on my own.

by Sarah, 6/19/2017



I'm really annoyed at the processing time and the distribution of MY MONEY when I have requested it. Furthermore, after getting the run around with the forms to be completed. I was still unable to have my request honored for direct deposit. I'm not with a credit union or iffy bank, I'm with BBVA Compass. A week has went by and still no response from them or where they are at in releasing MY MONEY

by Melissa Parker, 5/14/2017

Pros: They can talk circles around the numbers making you think you will have an unlimited stream of money to outlast you based on their annuity structure.

Cons: It's all a scheme. They hire young recent grads and with little training coach them to lure their family and friends to come over as clients. Almost $1M of monies were transferred from my family. None of what we were told has come true.

This is the most dishonest and untrustworthy organization I have ever dealt with. I would strong warn anyone considering working for them or entrusting their money to them, to do a great deal of independent research. I feel certain you will make a different decision.

by Virgil, 3/4/2017

Pros: Act professional when you are transferring your money in or opening an account.

Cons: Read the other reviews!!! Very adept at hiding their poor performance and large hidden fees.

HUGE fees if you try to withdraw funds and a very painstaking process at that. The legal boilerplate of all the documents you sign when opening your account and creating a policy hide the fact that you will pay enormous amounts for very poor performance. If I'd been smart enough to research this company before investing my retirement funds with them I would have gone elsewhere. From account inception onwards I lost money month after month. I would have been much better off investing in a simple savings account even with the miserably low interest rates because at least I wouldn’t have lost money. Stay away!

by Trent C. Mulkern, 12/23/2016

Pros: Cannot reasonably make any broker pros.

Cons: Retirment services are less than advertised

They took a month and a half to withdraw an amount from my account. They seemed bent on making the withdrawal as difficult as possible. They finalized the withdrawal process with a fraudulent claim inquiry. They did not take out income taxes, as requested. They sent the check to me, vice to my bank account, as requested. After eight telephone calls, each representative I talked to seemed more ignorant than the last, when all they had to do was read from my account notes displayed on their computer. Return calls promised by the representatives did not occur. Promised actions on my behalf did not happen.

I cannot recommend their retirement services branch. They are, as a group, totally incompetent.

by Richie, 12/17/2016

Pros: Agent was knowledgeable for strategies but did not advise on the costs of their products which is very high.

Cons: No follow-ups after the sale...

I would give my own financial advice - steer away from AXA! They are efficient and professional TAKING your money but it is not a pleasant process when you retire and make withdrawals. They stopped direct deposits and did not communicate this change to their clients! Now you need to wait a week or more for a check in the mail. Oh ok, you can PAY EXTRA ($90) for faster service! The department that handles disbursements is THE WORST!! If they find a problem with your withdrawal form they do not call or send a letter to notify you! They leave you waiting for your funds that never come! If you don dot an i in your signature they will decline your request for your own money! I think most of the disbursement dept personnel have GED level education.

by Vicki, 12/7/2016

Pros: NONE Preferably I would give it 0 stars

Cons: No Communication other than an email on updates. I didn't even get these the first yea..

My broker left the company after shortly bilking me out of a 130,00 401k with promises of a possible 8% a year (when I talked to a different broker from this company informed me only 4% guaranteeed on the higher risk account). In reality it wasn't even 1%. I lost money on a 401k that was earing me $4000-$6000 per year. I was never notified of this broker leaving or of being assigned another broker. They blame me for lack of communication. If I hadn't been watching my account for the past years and finally contacting someone, I would never had know she left. This company preys on school employees who barely make enough to support themselves. In the state of Arizona we have a great retirement system that we contribute over 11% of our hard earned money to a retirement account. AXA swoops in with the guise of helping staff get loan forgiveness, but most find it won't happen because our small income as a new teacher "is too much to qualify us for the loan forgiveness" Then AXA starts their sales pitch of investing in their "Cornerstone retirement" program. In reality it is a life insurance where it doesn't earn what is promised. You are locked in once you sign the contract. Their investments lose you money and if you want to withdraw to rollover into a better 401k or other investment company they hit you with a hefty fine. Currently if I withdraw early I lose an addtional $8,000 dollars. I would not under any circumstances recommend this investment company to a dog.

by Pilar M., 11/3/2016



If I could give zero stars I would. AXA financial advisor conned my mother into changing her term life insurance policy to a flexible premium variable policy and then he mis-managed the funds. He sat in her dining room and said that this was a policy that he would sell to his own family. When she started to see the value of her policy diminish, she called him and he laughed at her. A policy she contributed to for 17 years is now worth nothing. The original financial advisor has since left the company and the new advisor assigned to her account just told her that the policy was basically set up to fail, but the company will not do anything to recoup the amount she has invested.

by John J., 10/1/2016

Pros: Great customer service and products


My advisor was very knowledgeable and whenever I called him, he was on the spot with getting what I needed done. Their insurance products are great ways to diversify a tax-free investment. Glad I found them. Would recommend

by Dean Ness, 7/23/2016


Cons: Difficult to transfer funds

When I learned my annual investment costs for my school system 403b were 2.34% vs the .05% for my Vanguard index fund I began the process to transfer this to Vanguard.

Without, going into detail AXA, in my opinion has made it an unnecessarily difficult process. Based on the 0 customer service I have received in the last 10 years, the high expenses of the fund, and the difficulty I've had transfering this I would definitely not recommend them.


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