Extended Hours Trading at E*TRADE: Power E*TRADE, Power E*TRADE APP. E*TRADE Web Platform, and the E*TRADE app. Buy stocks and ETFs during the pre-market and aftermarket sessions at E*TRADE with one the broker’s full-featured trading platforms.

Extended-Hours Trading at Power E*Trade

Using one of the available trading platforms, investors at E*TRADE can access the financial markets during extended hours sessions, both before and after they open. You can trade the premarket from 7 am EST to market open at 9:30 am EST, and the aftermarket from market close at 4 pm EST to 8 pm EST.

Here is how you can trade the extended hours at E*TRADE:

Trading Platforms

If you would like to buy or sell stocks, indices, or ETFs during the extended hours sessions, you have a few platform options to choose from.

There are four primary trading platforms that investors can use at E*TRADE to take part in pre-market and aftermarket trading. There is the E*TRADE website, the standard mobile app, the Power E*TRADE app, and the desktop trading software known as Power E*TRADE.

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E*TRADE Web Extended Hours

To place trades during the extended hours sessions on the E*TRADE website, all that is required is to choose the correct option from the dropdown menu on the order ticket.

Along with selecting a buy or sell operation, quantity, order type, and price per share, you can choose extended hours trading from the ‘Duration’ menu. There are two different choices that you can make: ‘extended hours day’, and ‘extended hours’.

‘Extended hours day’ leaves an open order in the market until it is filled. The fill is based on the limit order price that you determine while setting up the order, and on the condition that you set (Day vs GTC). ‘Extended hours’ is a fill-or-kill order that is used for immediate trades.

ETRADE extended hours on browser platform


From the E*TRADE mobile app, the process for placing trades during extended hours is the same as the website. Simply select your preferred your Extended Hours option from the ‘Term’ field and place the trade.

ETRADE extended hours on app

ETRADE extended hours on mobile

POWER E*TRADE After Hours and Pre Market

Power E*TRADE is the broker’s pro-level trading platform. Power E*TRADE is quite similar on desktop and the mobile version, so we will just cover them both at the same time.

To access the options for extended hours trading on Power E*TRADE, simply navigate to the ‘Trade’ icon (depicted with two arrows) and open the trade ticket window.

POWER E*TRADE pre market

With the order ticket open, select EXT from the ‘Duration’ field. The EXT order type always keeps orders open during pre-market and aftermarket sessions.

POWER E*TRADE after hours

Extended Hours Disclosure

To trade in the extended hours at ETRADE, you will need to submit a signed disclosure. The purpose is to educate you on the associated risks involved with extended hours trading, as well as receiving your agreement.

ETRADE extended hours Disclosure

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Extended-Hours Trading at Webull

If you want more hours than Robinhood offers, you could open an account at rival firm Webull. Webull’s pre-market session runs from 4:00 am, EST, until the opening bell. By contrast, Robinhood’s early period starts 5 hours after Webull’s.

And Webull’s late-night period runs from the closing bell until 8:00 pm. Robinhood’s after-hours session closes at 6:00 pm. In total, you get an extra 7 hours with a Webull account.

To submit an order for extended hours on the Webull mobile app, you simply need to select the radio button for extended hours. If you’re trading on the desktop platform, just select Yes from the drop-down menu for extended hours on either the classic trade ticket or the horizontal order entry form.

Webull After Market Trading

On the Active Trade Ticket, extended-hours trading is not set by default. Instead, you need to add it in settings. On the title bar of the trade ticket, there is a settings menu (represented by three horizontal bars). Select this and add extended-hours trading in the settings.

Extended-hours orders at Webull have no surcharges, so the commission is the same that Robinhood charges: $0.

Webull Overnight Crypto Trading

Remember that both Robinhood and Webull offer cryptocurrency trading, and the crypto market is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Benefits of Extended Hours Trading

You may be wondering what the benefits of extended trading are. Here are a few of the reasons investors opt to trade in the extended trading sessions.

Higher Volatility – Many investors choose highly volatile stocks to trade during the pre- and post-market sessions. By seeking out tickers with high volume, momentum trades can get positioned on the right side of a trade and benefit from significant price movement.

Response to events occurring around the world – Whether it’s a news event, political maneuver, or unexpected financial numbers in foreign markets, there are always events occurring around the world that impact U.S. markets. Often, these effects happen during the extended hours session. Investors take advantage of these situations.

Scheduling – Another reason many investors enjoy extended hours trading is that they can trade in a way that fits their schedule. Early mornings, evenings, and even into the night, traders can take part in the markets.

Considerations for Extended Hours Trading

Extended hours trading offers some unique advantages that traders can benefit from. However, those advantages are counterbalanced with increased risk.

Some things to keep in mind when trading in the extended hours sessions include;

Higher volatility – Many stocks can have large price swings during extended hours trading due to a lack of balance between buyers and sellers. If one side is too strong, the price can move far, very quickly. Many traders design strategies around volatility, but volatility can cause problems for the unprepared investor.

Wider bid/ask spreads – Another problem that comes from lower volume is a widening of the bid and ask prices of stocks. The wider the spread is, the more difficult it becomes to close the position at a desirable price.

Inconsistent fills – Orders, or portions of orders, not getting filled is common for trades involving large quantities of shares. If there are not enough buyers or sellers interested in a particular price, fills will be inconsistent.

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